GiftLab’s Gift Guide to Starting a New Job and Smashing it like a Boss.

GiftLab’s Gift Guide to Starting a New Job and Smashing it like a Boss.

Starting a new job can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. There’s a tonne of names to remember, and you have to try and fit into a work environment where everyone is seemingly already best buds. Yup – it can but a nightmare – but it doesn’t have to be. Follow our top tips and soon you’ll be the office favourite, next stop CEO! And for once this gift guide won’t tell you what to buy other people, in this case it’s all about you!

  1. Turn up with the equivalent of a new pencil case at school.

Been thinking about a new laptop, tablet or phone? Starting a new job is the perfect reason to take the plunge and finally upgrade your kit, because, you’ll totally only use it for work purposes and will not spend all your time watching ‘super cute animals doing hilarious things’ videos on YouTube. If you are splashing the cash on some new tech, you’ll want to make sure that you keep it pristine and scratch free for as long as possible. The Undercover Series will stop your shiney new gadgets from being scratched or eyed up for the taking by anyone on the morning commute – they’ll just think you’re carrying an old padded envelope around! If your wallet needs to wait a few paychecks before a big spend on gadgetry, we’d suggest taking a few essentials such as a Skyline Ruler, Marshmallow Pencil and Sardine Paper Clips.

  1. Make a good impression and stick the kettle on.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll always have a cup of tea or coffee on your desk, especially if it’s early in the morning. Take some Tea Subs or Umbrella tea infusers in on your first day at the office with some loose leaf tea and everyone will be impressed – or at the very least just relieved to have a fancier brew than PG Tips… They’re fun, easy to use, and will brighten up any dull day at work – we don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a proper cuppa!

  1. You’ll be writing a tonne of memos and notes – make sure they don’t get lost.

Memos – love them or hate them, they are a pretty big part of most jobs. The trick is to make sure that your desk doesn’t get swallowed by a sea of paper scraps. A Morris Memo Holder will make this much easier – he’ll happily perch on your desk and guard all of your notes in his clippy mouth and stores paper for new notes in his back. A decent notepad always comes in handy too – for the times when you have to put good, old fashioned, pen to paper. We can’t get enough of the Decomposition notebooks designed by our friends at Michael Rogers in New York. Made from recycled paper made from post-consumer waste and printed using soy ink, these are might just be the most eco-friendly notebooks out there, and you’ll have the whole office writing in their own in no time.

Whether you are brimming with excitement or have the familiar flutter of butterflies in your tum, Luckies wishes you the best of luck. We’re sure you’ll knock ‘em dead.