GiftLab’s Guide: Cool Gift Ideas for Adventurers

GiftLab’s Guide: Cool Gift Ideas for Adventurers

Life’s too short to spend each and every day in the same part of the world, especially when there’s just so much out there waiting to be explored! It’s time to make Bear Grylls proud by spreading your wings and embarking on an adventure of a lifetime with the help of our cool gift ideas for adventurers. Whatever adventure awaits, be it hiking across Hawaii or an excursion to Antarctica (rather daring!), treat yourself or a travelling buddy to a gift that will get them ready and psyched to take on the big, bad but glorious world!

Adventure Journal

When faced with a new task of setting off on a life-changing adventure around the world some might argue it can be tricky knowing where to begin! But fear not as Adventure Journal kick-starts your voyage of a lifetime by providing over 300 bucket list ideas, 8 x mini regional Scratch Maps and a 64 page journal featuring ‘must do’ experiences around the world. When on your travels you can cross off your visit to the Great Barrier Reef and Eiffel Tower (but maybe not in the same day!) and keep all souvenirs like tickets and pictures safe in this cute journal. This is one of our ultimate cool gift ideas for adventurers and we’re pretty certain that if Christopher Columbus was with us today, Adventure Journal would totes be top of his wish list.

Inner & Socks Pouch

Another of our cool gift ideas for Adventurers is our Alife In Luggage Pouches. For adrenaline junkies living out of a rucksack, with the Inner and Socks Pouch you can quickly change socks and undies before getting back to that giant bungie jump. No more having to pull out the entire contents of your bag looking for a lonely left sock, by keeping these two essentials in their own pouch, you will have them on hand in no time. These drawstring bags also take up minimal space so you can squeeze in an extra pair of waterproof trousers and Rocky inspired bandanas to fully commit to life in the wild.

On Air Toothbrush Cover

Next up on our guide is the On Air Toothbrush Cover which aids your adventure off the beaten track and keeps those pearly whites super shiny for all #adventureselfies. Whether you’re chilling in Chile or climbing Kilimanjaro, you’ll be thankful for this cute plastic cover keeping your toothbrush nice and fresh. It works best for two main reasons: 1.You never know when you’ll next meet civilisation that sells toothbrushes and 2. You may bump into a good-looking traveller and want to snog them under a waterfall. Aww, we can but wish.

Travel Organiser

Throughout your adventure we would expect nothing less than for you to break free of all Western traditions. Forget wearing real shoes and brushing your hair because you now live in sandals and keep flowers in your dreadlocks. And though we praise this new you, a little organisation never goes amiss. With the Travel Organiser, you can store all your travel documents in one place, that’s passport, boarding pass and tickets all on hand for minimal airport drama. This shiny enamel PVC travel wallet also comes in different colours; that’s blue for you and pink for your pal which in turn makes it one of our most essential cool gift ideas for travel buddies.


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