GiftLab’s Guide: Cool Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

GiftLab’s Guide: Cool Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

For all foodies, veggies and besties that can’t get enough of cooking, our cool gift ideas for food lovers is sure to whet your appetite. Whether your signature dish be curry, soup or fancy casserole (is this making you hungry!?) these culinary gifts are sure to keep your foodie friends cooking and in turn, your belly nice and full.

Nessie Family Gift Set

If you’re looking to score big brownie points then the ultimate of cool gift ideas for food lovers is the Nessie Family Gift Set. It’s often said a family that eat together, stay together, so feel the Nessie family love with ladle, colander and tea infuser all in one box. Each utensil is a must-have for anyone who loves cooking as they can now serve souped-up soup and stews in monster portions. Forget the expression ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, because these three handy helpers cutely fit together causing minimal mess and bring a splash of colour to the kitchen.

Oiladdin Bottle Pourer

Oiladdin Bottle Pourer is perfect for foodie fanatics as they can rub this mini magic lamp and wish for just a ‘light drizzle’ of oil and poof! – wish granted! With this little gadget you won’t get an uncontrollable flow of oil pouring all over the place and ruining that nice salad, but can now enjoy an Arabian night in as you fry, drizzle and bake away. Also working as a bottle stopper that fits most bottles, you can proudly have this exotic little lamp on display as you conjure up your next wish.

Mafaldine Bands

If your foodie friends are anything like ours then once they’re done cooking up a storm, the aftermaths can be seen sprayed around the kitchen. Every counter top is covered in the contents of half open packets of rice, pasta and cereals and though their chicken stew is coming along nicely, the kitchen needs a bit of TLC. With Mafaldine Bands you can avoid such disasters with these cute elastic organisers tightly sealing and securing all open packets. They’re a quirky kitchen gadget that keeps food fresh and organised ready for the next culinary storm brewing…

Nutwork Nutcracker

And finally, the Nutwork Nutcracker is the latest of our cool gift ideas for food lovers who are real hard nuts to crack. They may have every kitchen utensil going, but what they won’t have is this swanky metal nutcracker which gets down to the nuts and bolts of nut cracking. Designed to look like a heavy duty G-Clump, it’s the perfect gift for those protein packing friends of yours, or for anyone who is quite simply nuts about nuts!