GiftLab’s Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts Like a Pro

GiftLab’s Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts Like a Pro

Whilst Luckies is a huge fan of sausages wrapped in bacon, Christmas parties, family gatherings and excuses to get merry we know how hard present buying can be at the best of times… Trudging around the highstreet, battling to grab the last box of crackers that’s left on the shelf, not to mention finding stocking fillers for aunties, uncles, cousins, the dog and cat. Fear not, we’re here to help with our top tips to make you an Xmas Shopping Pro.

Cyber Monday falls on the 1st of December this year, get it in your diary…
Plenty of online retailers offer big discounts on Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping of the year so have a some time set aside to place orders, but do your research first. Lots of retailers have wish list or favourite function so you can get ideas beforehand, and make the most of discounts on the day! At the very least get together a shopping list in the form of URLs so placing orders on the day will only take a few clicks.

Find out the delivery date cut off for anywhere you might need to send gifts.
Got an auntie in Australia or a cousin in Columbia? You need to know how early you need to get their presents posted so there’s no awkward conversations when you Skype on Christmas day. You thank them for their thoughtful generocity, but you’ll see the unavoidable look of disappointment in their eyes. The best place to get up to date information is from Royal Mail, or the website you’re thinking of ordering from. That way you’ll still have Auntie Ethel’s sofa to stay on if you fancy a trip to Sydney.

Don’t forget those stocking fillers in case you need to give someone a secret santa at the last minute.
It always happens, you invite people over for mulled wine and mince pies and they turn up with a present as well as wine, making you feel bad and under prepared. Never again! Peruse your favourite sites (we assume Luckies is top of the list…) and add a few little extras to your basket. Animal Corkers by Monkey Business have a loop to hang round the neck of a bottle, Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon from Peleg Design is a great little gift for kids and fans of Game of Thrones and Yolkfish is the perfect little addition to any foodies arsenal.

Don’t forget wrapping paper, and make it as good as the gift inside!
There are heaps of great ways to personalise the gifts your giving before you pop them under the tree, particularly the way it’s wrapped. Think outside the box and try something different by getting crafty; buy plain paper and create your own pattern or print by making a potato print or stencil. If that sounds too much like hard work, Animal Gift Wrap is the perfect solution. A pack containing wrapping paper, stickers and cut out ears, feet and tails, you can create polar bears, penguins and festive foxes for all your nearest and dearest. Just don’t blame us when they’re loathe to unwrap it!