GiftLab’s Guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a cool Dad

GiftLab’s Guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a cool Dad

At GiftLab we’ve noticed that Dads around the world are getting cooler. They’ve swapped wearing Socks with sandals and referring to night clubs as ‘discos’, to having Netflix accounts and social media profiles…which often have a scarily impressive number of followers. Keep up with your old man on June 19th with our guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a cool Dad. And while you’re at it, give Dad a hug from us…

No longer do dads live vicariously through their kids, but instead they’re the ones with the booked weekends away, and we’re the ones left waiting for them to get back and help put up our shelves. Scratch off Map Capitals world map poster is the perfect Father’s Day gift for a cool Dad as he can go off on his stag dos’, cycling holidays or work trips abroad and track his travel on this snazzy world map poster. Focusing on capital cities, he can remove the foil from Budapest to Berlin and read up on the key facts about the cities’ populations, density, altitudes and age (Dads gotta love geography knowledge). And while you’re at it why not get one for yourself as dads’ love a bit of family competition. The downside of course being that the bank of dad may close when it comes to contributing to those weekends away with your mates!

Or why not make a day of it by throwing a surprise Father’s Day party for this cool pop of yours. Though the guest list may only include your mum, sis, and Michael the hamster, with Pocket Tin Speaker you can be the party starter anywhere due to it being fully portable, thus guaranteeing favourite child status. With this rechargeable speaker small enough to fit in your pocket, you can whip it out on the car journey to visit Grandpa or use it to play some classic Elbow at the dinner table (a fool proof band for Dads around the world). And why stop the party there, with Sip Zip Bottle Opener, the handy portable zip shaped bottle opener, you can keep the drinks for that #1 dad of yours and have a beer-illiant Father’s Day…though maybe wait until he’s not driving to Grandpas before cracking open the ale.

If however you’d fancy something more chilled this Father’s Day then treat him to Smartphone Projector, the ideal Father’s day gift for a cool Dad. Being a cool dad, he’s sure to have the latest model of smart phone and with this portable mini cinema, he can simply use his smartphone to project his favourite movie onto the wall of his study and enjoy a break from squabbling over the remote in the lounge. Alternatively, set up this cinema in a box for a good old fashioned Sunday family film, you may end up watching the dreaded Antiques Roadshow but you’re guaranteed a happy daddy which is what it’s all about this Father’s Day.


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