GiftLab’s Guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a foodie Dad

GiftLab’s Guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a foodie Dad

No longer do mums slave away over a hot stove preparing your father’s mashed potato for tea, but instead foodie fathers around the world are enjoying cooking up a storm for the whole family to devour. With our expert guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a foodie dad we have more kitchen gift ideas than you can shake a chow mein covered chopstick at.

Whether Dad resembles one of the Hairy Bikers or the more easy-on-the-eyes Gino D’Acampo, why not celebrate Father’s Day this June 19th by lighting up the family barbecue. With BBQ Steak Stamp, Dad can become the ultimate grill master with this fun branding iron which will personalise his delicious steaks from ‘Black & Blue’ to ‘Little bit of Blood’. Be sure to compliment this macho gift with Oli & Co Pourer a unique industrial design inspired oil container that can conveniently sit on the barbecue shelf to help him avoid oily fingers and tongs.

If, however, your father prefers to cook up a storm in the kitchen then Chili Herb Infuser is the perfect Father’s Day gift guaranteed to give your Dad’s famous Sunday night chili con carne that extra spice kick. Also perfect for soups, stews and curries where he can fill the chilli shaped container with herbs and spices and leave to infuse for those one pot culinary masterpieces. If your dad’s chili is already the extra hot kind you can only enjoy with plenty of sour cream and iced water, cooling lollipop shaped watermelon slices created by Pepo Watermelon Slicer are going to be in high demand once you’ve left the dinner table. Either enjoy making these lollipops with Pop or give as a gift to subtly encourage his 5 a day!

If your old man simply can’t get enough of everything food related then Gourmet Scratch Map™ poster will be the perfect Father’s Day gift sure to land you with favourite child status. The Scratch Map® poster made for his taste buds, this foil covered map of Europe means dad can uncover the culinary classics he’s devoured around the world. Whether he’s gorged on gnocchi in Italy or kept it sophisticated in Paris with helpings of snails, with this map of Europe, your dad can create his very own Man v. Food adventure this Father’s Day. And if this awesome gift encourages him to book a trip to Berlin to enjoy helpings of Frankfurters then set him on his way with Brown Paper Bag, a handy insulated lunch bag with magnetic fastening he can use again and again as his very own doggy bag for all those leftovers. His eyes are bigger than his tummy after all…


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