GiftLab’s Guide to Cool Gift Ideas under £20

GiftLab’s Guide to Cool Gift Ideas under £20

In life we’re surrounded by impossibly cool people who drink hipster coffee or craft beer, work in jobs that sound impressive but we don’t quite understand what they do exactly and who live in trendy loft apartments we’re not sure how they afford…. In the past you might have found it difficult to shop for such people for fear of them rejecting your gift unless it was an ironic selfie stick or unicorn based present. However, with our guide to cool gift ideas under £20 these potential faux-pas will be thing of past. Introducing the hipster, foodie and envious neat freak, three highly underrated cool characters who we have made super easy to shop for. 

Forget keeping up with the Kardashians, these days it’s difficult enough to keep up with your hipster chums. Whether it’s their birthday or you need a house warming gift for their swanky new Dalston pad, we have it covered with Clippa Mini Tools Clip. By night it serves as an essential accessory for all man buns and rainbow coloured top knots, and by day Clippa doubles up as a mini DIY tool kit. Ideal for makeovers on all upcycled furniture as each hair clip contains a large and small screwdriver, a wrench, trolley key, cutting edge and ruler. It brings the opportunity everyone is waiting for – to unexpectedly show off DIY skills at any occasion. Loose screw poking out the seat at the indie film screening? No problem! And why not be converted by their cool hipster ways and get one for yourself, together you’ll be on the hairway to heaven and still get change back from a twenty – bargain!

If your next cool mate is one of those impressive foodies that likes to muster something up for the whole house (we love those friends) then they will definitely benefit from Farfalloni. One of our most favoured cool gift ideas for under £20 are these cute pasta shaped pot grips which will stop your friend from burning their hands on nasty saucepan handles. They brighten up the kitchen utensil cupboard and are ideal when draining pasta, just make sure they don’t serve them along with the carbonara. Utter un-cool fail alert!

Last but not least is one of our cool gift ideas for the friend or family members who makes it cool to be tidy and organised. That’s right, with them around you look at your room and question whether you’re that creative kid who expresses themselves through a chaotic workplace, or whether you’re just…well, a tad messy. Support their tidy ways with La Bella Adhesive Label Frames, a collection of cute labels you can stick on all files, cabinets, storage boxes and drawers so that you know exactly what’s what. Not only will they truly appreciate this neatly thought-out gift but will be overcome with joy as their tidy ways rub off on you. It’s time to admit to ourselves that a tidy home really is a tidy mind and structure and organisation is way cool. Wait, did we just say that out loud!? Damn it…


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