GiftLab’s Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts Under £20

GiftLab’s Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts Under £20

Sunday 6th March is the date all Mothers across the country have been counting down to. Forget Christmas and Birthdays, Mother’s Day is the crème of the crop and best time to make your momma proud. With a mother-lode of Luckies gifts under £20 you are sure to find the perfect gift that will make her feel like a mum in a million!

Apple Shot Corer

For all super mums into superfoods, the Apple Shot Corer is a must-have utensil for making the perfect superfood smoothie. Designed to remove those pesky pips and peal with ease, Mum can add her de-cored apple to the blender along with her difficult to pronounce antioxidants like spirulina and quinoa!? Apples to mums are what spinach is to Popeye, she relies on them to tackle the evils of the everyday (i.e. naughty, smelly children).


Whether travelling for work or vacating with the fam, Mapnetic is the mother of all maps and ideal Mother’s Day gift for under £20. With a magnetic, dry wipe world map set, Mum can document her travels by scribbling on the countries she’s visiting next. Stick this up on the kitchen fridge to subtly showcase her jet-setting ways to all pals over for a tea and chinwag.

Pegzini Family

For all mother hens who go above and beyond the duties of a stay-at-home hero, the Pegzini Family brings the bantz to laundry hanging. With 5 acrobatic peg characters to choose from, matron mum can secure a jumper with a juggler or balance a tightrope walker on a t-shirt. Even better, let her put her feet up while you hang the washing…we’re pushing our luck aren’t we?

Pulke Herb Infuser

From our experience, foodie mums love the latest edible trend. Whether Delia is cooking up a curry or our favourite Naked Chef is mastering a stew, the Pulke Herb Infuser is the perfect way to infuse your meal with herbal splendour. Simply add the fresh herbs and spices to the compact container and in no thyme at all the flavours come seeping through – sage advice from the experts!