GiftLab’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Birthday Party

GiftLab’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Birthday Party

If you’re lucky enough to be a summer baby, you’ll no doubt be busy planning your perfect party already. And with the season of sunbathing fast upon us, there’s not much time to get your gathering in order. While we can’t take the sting out of sunburn, we can definitely dull the pain of planning that all important shindig – from food and drink to entertainment, we’ve got your birthday bash sorted. So sit back and relax – it’s time to dig out those swimmers, slather on the sun cream and get celebrating!

One of the easiest ways to impress your family and friends is to serve up some good grub – and with summer in mind what better way than to barbecue up some tasty treats? There’s nothing quite like a juicy steak or burger to get your guests salivating, especially with our novelty branding iron Barbecue Steak Stamp. The perfect birthday gift for that al fresco enthusiast, it allows you to brand each of your culinary creations as you go. With ‘Black and Blue’, ’Little bit of Blood’ or ‘Nearly Burnt’, to choose from, barbecuing has never been so fun! It’s even suitable for use on aubergines and halloumi should you need to decorate some vegetarian offerings.

Feeling a little parched by the summer sun? How about serving the coolest drink around with some pill shaped ice cubes, courtesy of the Chill Pill Ice Cube Tray. Ideal for cooling your pals down whilst guaranteed to bring back a bit of ‘90s high school nostalgia. And the fun doesn’t stop there – why not spruce up your drinking partners pout with some awesome Party Straws? There’s 24 straws, 48 pop-out mouth cards and loads of funny combinations to chose from. You can even mix and match with our Party Cups for the complete party look!

If all this food and drink has made everyone a tad sleepy, you might need a livener to kick start the festivities. Enter Dinner Party Napkins – the perfect pick-me-up to any social gathering. Printed with loads of games and conversation starting questions it’s the ideal way to get your guests chatting again. PLUS it’ll sort out those sticky fingers and beer spillages. Winner!

Now we don’t mean to be party poopers, but we feel it’s only fair to point out that the great British summer time isn’t always great – more often than not a frolic in the sun can turn to a frantic rush to escape the rain. But with the Come Rain Or Shine waterproof matt or umbrella you need not worry about the weather taking a turn for the worst. It’s sunny? Use it as a picnic matt. It’s raining? Use it as an pop out umbrella. And with a beautiful bright day adorned on the material, you can create your own sun whatever the weather!