GiftLab’s Guide to Throwing the Perfect Spring Time Picnic

GiftLab’s Guide to Throwing the Perfect Spring Time Picnic

We don’t know about you, but here at Luckies the moment the sun comes out, it’s the moment the shorts and sunnies stay out. It’s time to get out those knobbly knees in 7 degrees and soak up the spring sun with the perfect spring time picnic. With our guide to throwing the perfect spring time picnic, you’ll become the emperor of outdoor eating by treating your friends and family every time the temp hits double figures. Scorcher.

Picture the perfect spring time picnic, you and your family are sat amongst the daffodils watching the bouncing baby lambs when all of a sudden you whip out lollipop shaped pieces of watermelon and everyone loves you. Well we can make this dream a reality (minus the bouncing lambs) with Pepo Watermelon Slicer, as it conveniently cuts giant watermelons into cute, bite sized lollipop shaped slices. Quickly prepare before setting out to avoid lugging a mammoth melon in your rucksack, then enjoy without the mess of millions of pips and an unwanted sticky face and fingers. The essence to a good picnic is the grub so make sure not to forget these healthy treats or the fam might be left feeling a bit hungry and meloncholy – get it!

After tucking into food it’s time to tuck into some tunes with your portable Smartphone Speaker. Gone are the days of playing music straight from the phone, now people want LOUD impressive sound quality with just the right amount of base. So give the people want they want with this handy lightweight speaker with 40 hours playback making it ideal when throwing the perfect spring time picnic. Whether your vibe’s Iggy Azalea or Iggy Pop, be the party starter and turn the family friendly day out into an ultimate picnic partying rave – only if that’s the vibe you’re going for of course.

And finally, we hate to be the bringer of bad news and bad weather but perfect spring time picnics are occasionally met with not so perfect forecasts. With Come Rain or Shine you can expect the unexpected as this waterproof mat and umbrella works hand in hand, whatever the weather. If the grass is wet but the sun is out then you can dine on this mat and avoid wet bottoms and if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can use it as a handy umbrella. If it continues to pour then make sure you have an indoor activity on hand such as OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL, a giant colouring sheet measuring 100 x 180cm that everyone can get involved in. And the best part of it is that it’s not just for kids as colouring in has now become a trendy hobby for adults who practise mindfulness. And take it from us, after that perfect spring time picnic becomes a wash out, they might very well need a bit of mindful colouring in to calm them down!


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