GiftLab’s Guide to Travel Gifts that avoid Travel Stress: Part 2

GiftLab’s Guide to Travel Gifts that avoid Travel Stress: Part 2

Although we Brits are renowned for our willingness to queue quietly, nothing induces travel stress/rage like being stuck behind a holiday maker who thought it was a good idea to pack their entire winter wardrobe for a summer holiday. You can put on all the extra t-shirts you want pal, but please move along before we miss your flight! Sound familiar? If so, our next item in the travel gifts series is just for you…

Part 2: Queues + Even More Lost Luggage
We’ve all been there. The gritted teeth, the raised voices, the overly loud holiday maker in front of you in the queue…Why not add a little glamour to travelling with Alife’s 34L Travel Style Folding Bag instead?  Skip the queues and avoid the risk of checking in your luggage at the airport altogether. Coming in a variety of colours, you’ll look really low maintenance and cool to fellow travellers. It makes the perfect travel gift to give to yourself! Winning.

What’s more, the Travel Style Folding Bag does just that. It folds up into a manageable little square meaning you can pretty much shove it anywhere whilst you’re on holiday, making it the perfect travel gift for the convenience traveller.

Or if you can’t quite face breaking up with your big suitcase at the airport, those 14 pairs of shoes are 100% necessary after all, why not throw it in when you’re packing and use it for all those souvenirs and travel gifts you plan on buying that you never have enough room for…

If you’re still not sold, you should probably know that it’s also waterproof so you can take it to the beach and chuck your wet swimming costumes and damp towels inside!

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