GiftLab’s Guide to Travel Gifts that Avoid Travel Stress: Part 3

GiftLab’s Guide to Travel Gifts that Avoid Travel Stress: Part 3

For some of us, no matter how breathtaking the scenery on holiday, how tasty the food or how good looking the locals, we can’t quite forget that back at the hotel our dirty Socks are touching our clean socks. It’s okay, we get it. Whilst it’s great being free spirited and spontaneous, not being able to find clean underwear in your suitcase can ignite annoyance in even the most mellow travellers. Don’t panic though, our next travel gift has got you covered.

Part 3: The Clean Freak
We’re only human. Sometimes it’s hard to switch off from the stresses and strains of everyday life and to fully relax, especially when there’s pressure to do so. It seems that Alife have thought of absolutely everything when it comes to useful travel Gifts and their best yet appears to be their In Luggage Pouches.  Ranging from a pouch to keep your clean underwear to a pouch for your shoes – because don’t you just hate it when your shoes get mud on your white t-shirts? – you’ll be the most laid back holidayer in sight. What’s more, by reducing the risk of daily stresses occurring, you’ll be able to fully appreciate views like the one above.

Got a friend who suffers from a case of the perfectionists? I bet she’s nervous about that round the world expedition she’s planned. Why not ease her worries and secure your place as her future Maid of Honour by buying her these in Luggage Pouches as a pre travel gift? She’ll be so grateful she might even take you with her!


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