GiftLab’s Guide to Travel Gifts that Help Avoid Travel Stress: Part 1

GiftLab’s Guide to Travel Gifts that Help Avoid Travel Stress: Part 1

Anticipating a holiday is almost as exciting as actually taking it. The places you’ll see, the people you’ll meet, the food you’ll eat/post on Instagram…But we’d be lying if we said there weren’t parts of travelling that can be a little stressful. Don’t shake your head like that – remember the time you couldn’t decide which queue was moving faster at the airport so decided to queue in both? Apparently airport rage really does exist. Or the not so tranquil “IS LIP BALM EVEN A LIQUID?!” exchange whilst being herded through customs? Unfortunately we can’t help with the existential lip balm liquid crisis but we have sussed out some cool travel Gifts to try and ease some of those gritted teeth/elbows at the ready moments. It is meant to be a holiday after all…

Part 1: Lost Luggage
Picture the scene. You’ve woken up super early. You’ve successfully achieved those ‘natural beachy waves’ in your hair without wrestling with a set of curling tongs and demolishing an entire bottle of Bedhead. Oh and your tan is spot on. You’ve made it all the way to Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia and you reach for your camera to take a picture that you know will get 100+ likes on Facebook. But wait! Your indistinguishable black suitcase that had your brand spanking new, travel gift to yourself, camera inside was picked up by another non suspecting traveller at the airport (she definitely won’t have mastered beachy waves as well as you by the way). Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

Enter Luggage Labels. Solving the forever troublesome problem of indistinguishable/boring suitcases, these vintage looking stickers make the perfect travel gift for your loved ones because not only do they personalise your suitcase, they also allow you to show off where you’ve been! But as the Three advert so kindly reminded us all, please brag responsibly.


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