GiftLab’s Post-Travel Checklist

GiftLab’s Post-Travel Checklist

Just got back from the holiday of a lifetime? We can’t wait to hear all about it, but before you start telling us stories of backpacking and beach parties (lucky so-and-so) let Luckies offer you a few words of savvy post-travel advice in the form of an all important bullet point post travel checklist…

  1. Nobody likes a show-off, but sometimes it’s just got to be done. Brag about your travels in style with the Scratch Map Deluxe from Luckies. Just scratch off all the places you’ve visited, frame it and hang it pride of place in the living room. A sure-fire way to start a few conversations at your next house party! Plus you can always make all of us at Luckies HQ jelly by adding #ScratchMap to your Scratched off pictures – although if you’ve scratched off Antarctica we’ll be wanting to see the plane tickets….

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

  1. Get a haircut. No, seriously. You look like Tom Hanks from Castaway. It’s not a good look.
  2. Instead of having your mates flip through hundreds of travelling photos on Facebook, invite them round for a slideshow (yes, really) instead. The DIY Smartphone Projector from Luckies allows you to project photos and videos from your phone onto the wall, and is guaranteed to leave everyone suitably impressed. Just add popcorn.
  3. Or, make like a modern day Christopher Columbus and start a blog about your travelling adventures. Plan your entries in a notebook whilst en route, like one of these from Micheal Rogers, stylish and eco conscious if that’s your bag. Then when you have time between tanning and cocktails post a regular stream of stories and snaps for your family, friends and Twitter followers to read. You might want to refrain from uploading that questionable photo from the Full Moon Party though. Just sayin’.
  4. Keep trying to pay for your morning coffee with Cruzado? Oh dude, we bet the barista thinks you’re a right plum. Until you summon enough energy to get down the local Post Office, we recommend stowing your travel money in the Currency Money Bank from Luckies. It has six compartments for different currencies, plus sticker sheets to help you stay organised. Nice.
  5. Beat the post-holiday blues by making time to see your friends Yes, we know backpacking through Mexico was pretty awesome, but there’s nothing like a burger and beer with your best buds to get your spirits up… yes, even if you are just hanging out in Leytonstone.
  6. If all else fails, start planning your next trip instead. Make a list of must-see destinations, and find out more about them by reading up on travel guides and blogs. Better still, mark out your future travels on the Cork Board Map from Luckies, and use it as inspiration to save up some dollar.


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