GiftLab’s Top Tips for making the most of your Summer holiday

GiftLab’s Top Tips for making the most of your Summer holiday

If you’re in the midst of planning the ultimate sun and fun filled summer break with pals, take a look at our epic top tips for making the most of your summer holiday. Whether you’re scanning around for flights to Peru or have stumbled into Devon and need a place to pitch up for the night, with our expert guide to the travel apps and top travel accessories, your smartphone will be smarter and travel accessories trendier. Ice creams not included

Where to go

No longer do you have to traipse through copious amounts of glossy travel brochures working out when and where to go on holiday only to find out that the most affordable place was two nights in Moscow if you booked yesterday. Now you can get tech savvy with Skyscanner, the sharp flight comparison app that not only provides the most affordable flights but also comes up with suggestions of where to go. Feeling adventurous? Simply select ‘Destination anywhere’ and you may land yourself a cheap £18 return flight to Cologne. Bargain. With flights sorted, get sorted yourself with Airmail Travel Wallet, an essential travel documents envelope for all globe-trotters. Print out your booked flight information and add it to this handy travel wallet to ensure all those vital travel documents (passport, foreign cash, and tickets) are in one organised place.

Where to stay

Gone are the days of phoning up France and attempting to book a hotel in Paris by speaking English in your best French accent, this is the smartphone generation who demand all holiday hotel logistics to be just a click away with apps like Hostelworld and Airbnb. Whether you’re booking in advance and keeping an eye on your purse-strings or have found yourself in Copenhagen when interrailing; with these apps you’ll find hundreds of thousands of places to browse for all those travel-weary fingertips. Once you’re booked up you can start the fun part – packing! Make sure to pack On Air Toothbrush Cover, a cute travel toothbrush cover which is perfect for those resting up in different places.

Once you’re there

Once you’ve touched down in LA, Madrid or Rye (on the coast of England, it’s lovely there) it can be difficult knowing where to start exploring and more importantly, where to start shopping. With Travel Style Folding Bag, you’ll have 43L of spacious compact travel bag you can fill with unique gifts, souvenirs and duty free chocolate. GIANT overpriced Toblerones? We’ll have 12 please. To find activities and these perfect gifts use the nifty app, FourSquare and you’ll find everything from restaurants, shops and activities complete with fellow traveller ratings ensuring you don’t pick duff places.

Travelling back

Our final top tip for making the most of your summer holiday is how to travel back in style. By this time we hope you’ve managed to escape the Delhi belly, mosquito bites and rabies (contracted when stroking the rogue holiday dog), but if you are feeling a little worse for wear in the departure lounge then it’s a great idea to download FlightTrack to quite simply track your flight. You’ll get the most up to date information of your flight which means you don’t have to leave that lovely air-conditioned hotel room too early. Once home make sure you can easily identify your luggage on the conveyer belt with Petit Luggage Tag, or Tag Me Luggage Tag, two handy colourful tags which you can tie around your bag and provide personal details on in case your luggage ends up in Ghana but you’re stood at Gatwick.


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