Gifts for Map Geeks: Scratch Maps and More

Gifts for Map Geeks: Scratch Maps and More

There can be many reasons as to why people have an infatuation with maps. Some may enjoy the discovery of new territory, whereas others may have a fondness for a specific location.

The use of maps can be beneficial on many levels, but those with a vested interest in maps will probably already have access to some of the more generic offerings, so what kind of gift ideas can be considered when looking for gifts for map geeks?

There are several new takes on the humble map that make for the perfect present for that special map geek in your life, and despite their original approach are still able to offer an abundance of practicality.

Scratch Map Clear

If you’re looking for a gift for a map enthusiast that can fail to impress, then the Scratch Map Clear is a worthy consideration.

Since it’s introduction back in 2009, the Scratch Map has gone from strength to strength and has introduced several takes on the Scratch Map design, and the Scratch Map Clear is among one of the most popular, and it’s not difficult to see why.

The Scratch Off Map Clear is printed on acetate and as each country is scratched, it disappears, meaning that the only countries on display are the ones that are still to be visited.

What’s more, it looks amazing on display, and will always be the talking point of any social gathering.

Scratch Globe

Are you looking for a gift for someone that has already enjoyed what the Scratch Map has to offer? Or maybe you’re searching for something that can complement the gift of a Scratch Map perfectly?

The Scratch Globe is the three-dimensional iteration of the iconic Scratch Map that’s a complete breeze to put together and offers all the same features you’d find with the iconic Scratch Map range.

This includes being able to scratch away different destination as and why they’re visited, but also looks greats on display, be it in the home or the office.

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

Is there anything as exciting as visiting the USA searching for its many landmarks? Probably not, but the Scratch Map USA Landmarks can be just as exciting, especially given how much information it has in relation to some of the most famous landmarks in the USA.

Regardless of whether someone is looking to enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or marvel at the Statue of Liberty, they’re now able to enjoy what the USA has to offer in a fun and immersive way.

Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for map junkies, there will be times when only the best will do.

Fortunately, this is made possible thanks to the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe.

As you would expect, the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe looks fabulous and is manufactured using gold foil and matte paper.

Although it offers all the features of any other Scratch Map, the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe can up the ante thanks to its luxurious and professional finish that commands the attention of everyone in the room.

The Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe is also easy to update, as there is no glass in the framed. This means that the map can be updated easily and offer a true representation of the destinations visited so far.

Scratch Map Hello

Learning a new language can be difficult at times, but it can be that little bit easier than when using the Scratch Map Hello.

This unique take on the everyday map introduces the starting stages of a slew of new languages that teaches you the most frequently used greeting in the world in different languages.

Sure, those using the map may not learn a second language overnight, but the use of the Scratch Map Hello is perfect for those that are looking to learn a new language, as well as being a fun take on the conventional map design.

Corkboard World Map

It can be difficult to think of a gift that isn’t a map when it comes to pleasing those who can’t get enough of maps, but the Corkboard World Map shows that there is always something inspiring that can be given as a gift.

Not only is the Corkboard World Map ideal for keeping photographs and tickets stubs but can be used in almost any setting, be it around the home or in the office.

The Corkboard World Map is the perfect gift for those looking for something that’s original while still be appealing to map geeks

Given the many reasons people love maps, it only makes sense that there is a vast selection when it comes to gift ideas, and this is made evident by the Scratch Map and other travel-themed gift ideas available.