Gifts for men who have everything

Finding gifts for men who have everything is one of life’s most difficult tasks. It’s up there with hiding the evidence of the house party you had when your parents were away or writing your entire 20,000 word dissertation the night before it’s due (kudos if you’ve pulled either of those things off by the way). But where you’re struggling for an original gift idea that isn’t an I.O.U a foot massage after rugby training, here at GiftLab we have the most sought after, on trend collection of cool gift ideas for the men who have everything. Be it a big birthday or even bigger anniversary, the key to success is giving a gift they don’t know they want yet, and that’s where we come in.

Got a trendy Uncle who already owns every fancy gizmo going? Get them a blast from the past with Audio Retro, the nostalgic phone case they’re guaranteed to not already own on account of its trendy old school vibes. Or got a boyfriend who seems to own every piece of sports equipment going?

Then you can’t go wrong with Bicycle Bible, a unique notebook and encyclopedia he didn’t know he needed that helps keep track of his cycle routes and bike maintenance. So when the time comes to shop for the men that have it all, there’s no longer any need to panic as with our cool gift ideas for the men who have everything, you’ll have it sorted in no time.

Although the gift buying experience is often a luxurious one, there will be times when the process becomes a little stressful, especially when it comes to buying gifts for men who have everything.

The searches we make can be plentiful, but they don’t always end up with the best results.

When purchasing gifts for men who have everything, there must be a choice, as well as confidence that the product will arrive when expected.

As such, when searching for gifts for men who have everything, it’s important to ensure that you’re only purchasing gifts from a supplier you can rely on, in relation to the availability of gifts and delivery.

GiftLab is a provider of gifts that are both original and practical and ensures that prompt delivery of gifts is all part of the service.

Some of the gifts available for men who have everything are as follows:

Rock On Headphones

When considering gifts for that special man in your life, you may not consider a headphone stand, especially when looking for gifts for men who have everything.

The Rock On Headphones offer the same features as that of other headphone stands, but what is it that makes it an ideal gift for men who have everything?

Firstly, the design concept is one that is unlike any other, emulating the classic devil horns hand gesture, synonymous with heavy metal and rock music.

The antique gold finish ensures that when searching for a gift for men who have everything, the Rock On Headphones is a gift that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Camera Light

Again, the conventional bedside light may not seem like the ideal for gifts for men who have everything.

As well as offering an ambient beam of light throughout the home, the Camera Light offers all the same aesthetics as that of a camera from days gone by.

The Camera Light is manufactured using premium aluminium and plastic and offers 12 hours of light from a four-hour charge.

Those searching for gifts for men who have everything will find that in many instances, the Camera Light is the perfect solution.

Waterproof Notebook

Just as there will be those leaving home or a job role to explore lands afar, there are just as many that will be keen to explore the many seas and oceans.

Of course, a conventional notebook in these circumstances has the potential to get wet, making any notes taken next to useless.

The Waterproof Notebook comes complete with waterproof stone paper and is small enough to fit into any suitcase or backpack.

Of course, the best thing about the Waterproof Notebook is its unique way of staying dry in all sorts of conditions makes the perfect gift for men who have everything.

Oil & Co Pourer

When looking for gifts for men who have everything, we do not always have to look at novelty gifts and technology, as there are plenty of men who love to unwind in the kitchen.

In these instances, the Oil & Co Pourer is the perfect gift for men who love to experiment in the kitchen and can be used for a series of oils and dressings, while offering an industrial design that makes these pourers stand out from the crowd.

Each oil pourer holds 400ml and is made from 100% Food Grade tin-lined steel, ensuring that the gift is not only unique but completely practical.

Scratch Map

Even if you’ve given the gift of a Scratch before when it comes to gifts for men who have everything, there are a series of additions that can offer a novel and fresh approach to the conventional everyday maps.

Those looking for something for men who like their accommodation to look their best may decide on a Framed Scratch Map, whereas those looking for the perfect present for the adventurous type, them the Adventure Map may be a more suitable choice.

Regardless of the personality or occasion, you can be assured that there will always be a scratch map fit for purpose, in several different sizes.

Smartphone Speaker

Despite the amount of choice available in relation to a portable smartphone speaker, it makes sense that those looking for gifts for men who have everything will want to ensure that the choice they make is original.

Fortunately, the smartphone speaker from GiftLab offers a design that emulates a guitar amp, meaning it’s unlike any other smartphone speaker available.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues as the Smartphone Speaker can connect to almost any device, including laptops, tablets and of course, smartphones.

All that’s needed to get the party started is 4 AA batteries, and you’re left with a speaker that’s not only original but also able to stand its ground when it comes to sound quality.

Smartphone Magnifier

No smartphone speaker is complete without some visual accompanying, so why not consider the addition of the Smartphone Magnifier.

Simply slide a smartphone in the magnifier and voila, the man who has everything suddenly has a novel and practical way of enjoying their smartphone without having to squint.

These are just a selection of some of the varied and original gifts available at GiftLab. Regardless of whether you’re looking for the gifts for men who have everything or simply browsing for some unusual leaving gifts, then GiftLab has you covered in every instance.


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