Gifts for work colleagues

Gifts for work colleagues

The idea of your favourite work colleague leaving you for pastures new may leave you wanting to throw yourself at their feet screaming ‘Please don’t go!’ But the traditional method of saying goodbye to a colleague is getting them a leaving gift. What sort of leaving gift depends on their personality and your relationship; are they a sentimental ‘I’ll miss you so much’ person, or more of a ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’ type? Either way, you’ll find just the right gift for your work friend amongst our unique and memorable leaving gifts for work colleagues.

  1. Scratch Map Original
    If you’re looking for leaving gifts for work friends who are off travelling on a gap year, or even just a few months travelling around South America, or Asia, or backpacking around Europe, then a gift from our Scratch Map Range will make the perfect travel gift they can personalise and cherish forever. Our Scratch Map Original was the first of it’s kind and is a great place to start as they can scratch off the countries they’ve visited to create their own personal travel record.
  2. Bucket (& Spade) List
    If you’re looking for original leaving present ideas or retirement gifts, this one will bring a smile to their faces. This scratch off Bucket (& Spade) List is their very own scratchable bucket list of things to do before they ‘grow up’. Things like ‘have a food fight’ and ‘act in a play’.

The perfect list of things to tick off while they still can! And if they are the fun loving sort who’ve already completed everything on the list at least twice, then it will be a fun list of things to work through with the grandchildren.

  1. Memory Box
    We promised you some sentimental leaving gift ideas so here we are; our wooden Memory Box has places to keep personal notes, photos and keepsakes. So, you can give it to them empty for them to fill with their own memories or get everyone in the office to contribute a little something that reminds them of your colleague; a photo, a note or any kind of souvenir to create the ultimate memorable leaving present.


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