Gifts To Liven Up The Office

Gifts To Liven Up The Office

Whether it’s a home office or work office, and no matter how much you love your job, sitting behind a desk isn’t always the most fun. The emails that birth only more emails, the paper cuts, sticky keyboards, the mid-afternoon slump, and let’s not forget the most horrifying office occurrence of all; when someone else sits in your chair and readjusts it. The horror is so very real.

The men and women of the Luckies office find our lives to be a little easier, not least of all because we have all our best gadgets available to us at a moment’s notice. Sure, you’re going to get paper cuts no matter where you work, even we aren’t immune. But let us share our best office gadgets with you. That way when the emails come pouring in and the chocolate digestives are running low, you’ll have something to remind you that it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Some days it can be a lot of clock watching, but others you’d benefit from 3 extra pairs of arms, and another one of you with the same. If you need to write your future self a note, we’ve got plenty of options for you. One of our favourite gadgets goes by the name Bianca. Bianca is a hippo full of blank notes, with a mouth that’ll clamp down on any you need to display for yourself, or anyone else. Milk for the office fridge? Email to send at 458pm so you don’t have to worry about the reply until tomorrow? Stick that note in Bianca’s mouth and never worry about forgetting again.

If the snakepit of cords and leads under your desk is interfering with your office zen (as well as your personal safety), it might be time to invest in our Plug Tags. Coloured rubber tags featuring icons for as many appliances as we could think of. We’d still advise saving all your work before you unplug what you think Is your phone charger and turns out to be your PC, but it’s less likely to happen with these little guys. Just make sure you put the tags on the right plugs, we can’t be everywhere…

Looking at the clock at 915am and wondering why it isn’t lunchtime can be rough, but just think; 11am means second breakfast, 1pm means lunch, and 4pm is biscuit o clock. And if it that isn’t what goes on in your office, you might be doing it wrong.