City Tape Adhesive Tape

City Tape Adhesive Tape




We’re all familiar with sticky tape, and often it can be something that we can take or leave.

However, there’s nothing worse than having to search around for sticky tape, and when we do find it, having to contend with problematic edges.

Fear not, as GiftLab has the perfect solution in the form of City Tape. Each city comes in its own colour as follows:

  • London: Red
  • Paris: Yellow
  • New York: Blue

The City Tape can be used in all sorts of situations, and example of which is as follows.

Ideal for Memory Boards

The great thing about memory boards is that they can be tailored to fit several different themes.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for fun and novel way to display Polaroids, or a fun way of displaying postcards from your favourite city, then City Tape could be just the ticket.

Whether you’re creating one or several memory boards, City Tape can ensure that it’s truly personalised in every instance.

Ideal for Wrapping Gifts from Your Favourite Cities

City Tape is not only an ideal gift but can also be used to add some creative flair to gifts you’ve brought back from your favourite cities.

So regardless of whether you’re wrapping perfume from Paris, or new threads from New York, there’s always a City Tape variation that’s add that’s additional personal touch.

Superb for Creating Travel Journals

Given all the online platforms that allows us to share media and blog entries, it’s easy to look over the benefits of tangible journal.

However, more and more budding travellers are keen to create a journal that can be looked upon in years to come.

The City Tape is great for keeping notes, documents, photos and tickets stubs from different cities in an original and fun way.

You may even want to use the City Tape in conjunction with other GiftLab stationery and gift-wrapping ideas to create a truly personalised gift experience.

City Tape is just one of the many inspired choices available when it comes to gift ideas, as well as being ideal for giving every gift you give that personal touch.

As well as City Tape, GiftLab can offer several other gifts that are perfect for every type of personality and occasion.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next gift, then why not brose the extensive range off gifts available at GiftLab today.

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London, New York, Paris

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