Adventure Travel Journal

Adventure Travel Journal




Given how much we do with our smartphone, it’s easy to assume that the items like a travel journal are no longer relevant, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Although some may have turned in their travel journal for a digital equivalent, those keen on exploring the world will want to ensure they have a tactile travel journal to reflect on in years to come.

The Adventure Journal does everything a conventional travel journal does, and then some.

The travel journal itself is presented in a premium card folder, and offers four categories which are as follows:

  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Activity
  • Cuisine

Evidently, everyone’s goals will be different, so spitting the Adventure Journal into four categories allows travellers from all walks of life to plan their perfect bucket list with ease.

The 68-page journal offers over 300 unique bucket list ideas and offers a series of different experiences from around the world.

The dimensions of the Adventure Journal are 17 x 15 x 2.5 cm and comes complete with 8 mini Scratch Maps to help create a more in-depth bucket list and offer a more viable way of recording travels made so far.

Simply scratch off the different panels as each location is visited and start completing your bucket list as soon as possible.

The Adventure Journal is the Perfect Gift

Whereas some people will already be travelling, the gift of a travel journal can be the inspiration that many are looking for to ignite their interest.

It’s not only travellers who will cherish the gift of a travel journal. The Adventure Journal is also the ideal gift for couples who enjoy travelling, backpackers on a gap year and those who enjoy collecting quirky and original items.

The Adventure Journal Does All the Hard Work

When travelling, the hard work can be deciding on which country we should visit first. The 300 unique experiences that this travel journal offer ensures that there is always some inspiration when making travel plans.

Why not take your sense of adventure to the next level and give the gift of an Adventure Journal?

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