Adventure USB Wristband

Adventure USB Wristband




When going on holiday many photographs will be taken with a smartphone. Although this approach is much easier than yesteryear, there can still be drawbacks when it comes to preserving photos and sharing them.

For example, a lot of photographs are shared on social networks, but there may be photographs that are personal to you and your loved one, and you want to ensure that these can preserve moving forward.

The loss of a smartphone can also be heart-breaking, especially if there are photographs stored on the device that hadn’t been uploaded.

Smartphones have made capturing memories a simple endeavour, but those taking rare and personal photos will want to ensure that they’re no relying on cloud-based platforms for preservation.

The Adventure Wristband is always designed to look stylish while offering a unique and novel way of keeping photos close-to-hand.

The astounding 4GB storage ensures that there is more than enough room for all your favourite photos to be stored, without having to conform to the stereotype of a tourist.

The Adventure Wristband is manufactured from PU leather and metal and connects to the wrist using a slap-on method.

Measuring 2.2 x 25 cm, the Adventure Wristband is large enough to make an impression and small enough to act as a covert backup for all your favourite memories.

Perfect for Backpackers

Gap years are the perfect time for backpackers, but the opportunities made available to travellers means more and more people are embracing the concept of backpacking, even if its only visiting local retreats.

Depending on the location being visited, there will be times when its best to take as little as possible.

The Adventure Wristband ensures that all your favourite photographs are stored in an unlikely location, so should there be any loss of equipment, you can rest assured that memories are preserved.

Of course, it’s not only the practicality of the Adventure Wristband that makes it so popular with budding backpackers and its nature-inspired design ensures that it echoes the style of every Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider wannabe.

Children Love the Adventure Wristband

The design of the Adventure Wristband is a call back to the snap-on bracelets many children enjoyed in the past.

Although these bands have made a comeback in recent years, there has been a lot of concern regarding the quality of the manufacturing.

GiftLab ensures that all its gifts are safe for people of all ages and ensures that there are in instances of inferior workmanship or questionable quality.

The Adventure wristband is a safe and reliable product that is both resilient and practical and can be used by children to build their collection of holiday snaps.

The Adventure Wristband is just an example of some of the fun and innovative gifts available at GiftLab.

If you’re looking for a fun and inspired gift that is both affordable and inspiration, then why not visit the exclusive range of gifts available at GiftLab today.



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