Milk Light Ambient Light


Milk Light Ambient Light


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There are many ways of firing the right ambience around the home. Some may reflect this in the design of the house, whereas others may focus more on the décor.

When it comes to finding the perfect ambience, what light is being used can also be another huge factor to consider.

GiftLab understands that more and more people are looking at fresh and original ideas when it comes to creating an ambient atmosphere, which is why it’s proud to offer the innovative Milk Light.

The Milk Light takes its inspiration from the classic milk bottle design of yesteryear and is made from polycarbonate, cork and an LED and can offer up to six hours following a charge.

The charging of the Milk Light is straightforward and includes a micro-USB charging cable.

The dimensions of the Milk Light 20 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm meaning it can be placed anywhere in the home and still look great.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere in the Home

After a hard day’s work, we want to return to a home that offers a relaxing vibe, and the Milk Light is more than capable of producing a light that is welcoming.

As the Milk Light is so affordable, you can use one or several Milk Lights to create the perfect look.

The Right Gift for Retro Fans

People simply love to reminisce, and this is often showcased in the décor.

If you have a friend or family member that can’t get enough of what the past has to offer, then why not give the gift of a milk light.

Its retro-inspired design will be adored by nostalgia lovers, while still offering a practical and cost-effective source of light.

A Perfect Night Light

Some people may be looking for something to help read a book at night, whereas others may be looking for a solution for the children’s bedroom.

The Milk Light looks great in any room and can be placed anywhere to ensure the perfect brightness is achieved every time.

The Milk Light also ensures that children are never anxious at night, as there’s always a reliable light source to hand.

Ideal for Coffee Shops

It’s not only the home that can benefit from the charm of a Milk Light, as it’s unique and retro-inspired design looks great in any coffee shop.

Its bohemian style fits in perfectly with the rustic look of coffee shops, while its milk bottle design ensures that there is context to the design.

The Milk Light is just an example of some of the original and novel gifts available from GiftLab.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a present for a coffee lover, or just looking for a gift that offers something a little different, then why not browse the extensive range of gifts available at GiftLab today.

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