Animal Corkers


If you’re popping the cork, then it’s likely your part of a celebration.

Regardless of whether it’s a birthday, wedding or New Year’s party, the sound of popping corks is one that can only evoke a sense of happiness and goal setting.

Unfortunately, the cork is normally out of the equation very quickly when it comes to a good time, but what if you could give the cork bottle itself its own makeover.

The Animal Corkers from GiftLab is an inspired gift idea that can help upcycle and make use of those corks that would have been ignored otherwise.

These quirky but inspired kits allow corks to be reinvented as the following animals with very little effort.

  • Deer
  • Buffalo
  • Bunny
  • Crow
  • Monkey

Each Animal Corker comes complete with legs, arms, eyes and other items to create the perfect keepsake every time.

A Great Idea for Dinner Parties

Not only are Animal Corkers inspired and original, but they’re also affordable. These means that having fun with corks has never been easier.

Simply hand out an Animal Corker kit to each guest and have a competition as to who can create the best cork companion.

Brilliant for Birthday Parties

Regardless of whether it’s a 5th or a 21st an Animal Corker kit can be a great addition to any celebration.

Regardless of whether you’re leaving gifts for friends and family or making up party bags, an Animal Corker kit can be that hit the celebration is looking for.

Create Memories from the Simple Things

When celebration an occasion it makes sense that photographs and videos will be part of the proceedings.

Although these can be essential when making memories, other keepsakes can be created with the Animal Corker kit.

You may want to employ an animal theme or make use of the many Animal Corker designs available. Whatever you choose, the simple cork can be transformed into a keepsake that’s can be cherished moving forward.

The Perfect Way to Give a Gift

When attending a special occasion, it’s not unusual to take something as a token of appreciation.

In many instances, this can be a bottle of wine, but some may be looking for a fun and alternative take on this tradition.

Not only does the Animal Corker kit allow you to transform simple corks into works of art, but it also comes with a small box that can be placed around the wine bottle neck to offer a real thought-provoking gift.

The Animal Corkers are just an example of some of the amazing and inspired gifts available at GiftLab.

If you’re looking for a gift that is affordable and original, then why not browse the great choice available at GiftLab today.

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