Animal Gift Wrap


Animal Gift Wrap


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GiftLab works hard to ensure that there is always a vast selection of gifts for all occasions, but sometimes it’s not just the gift we have to worry about.

Some may find it easy to source children’s wrapping paper, but those looking for a unique option may find that the options available in the high street are a little lacklustre.

Fear not, as GiftLab understands just how important the presentation of a gift is, especially where children are concerned.

Animal Gift Wrap is children’s wrapping paper given a new lease of life and presents gifts in the guise of an animal.

If you’re worried that the use of this children’s wrapping paper, then don’t worry. Animal Gift Wrap is just as easy to use as regular wrapping paper, but a lot more fun.

Each set contains eight sticker sheets, and five cut-out sheets and six sheets of plain wrapping paper. The wrapping paper dimensions are 51 x 74 cm/20 x 29 inches.

Once the wrapping paper has been applied, the cut-out sheets and stickers can then be used afterwards to turn the gift into a true piece of art.

Organise a Party with Its Own Personality

Regardless of whether you’re a professional party planner or you’re just keen to come up with an original idea for your children’s party, the use of Animal Gift Wrap is the ideal way of introducing a theme that’s uncommon, but still popular enough to be a hit with the kids.

In some instances, the theme of the party can be limited to the décor or the costumes, but with the use of Animal Gift Wrap, parents and party planners alike can ensure them is present throughout the celebration, including the birthday presents.

Makes Christmas Less Chaotic

Let’s be honest, when it comes to opening presents, parents must be quick with the camera, otherwise, the experience has been and gone in the blink of an eye.

Giving the Christmas presents their own little personalities means that children are more likely to investigate the gift as opposed to ripping it open.

Not only does this mean that Christmas morning is less chaotic, but it also ensures that there are more photo opportunities available.

Allows Children to Personalise Gifts to Friends

Giving gifts can be just as pleasurable as receiving them, and if children are visiting a friend’s part, then this children’s wrapping paper could be the perfect accompaniment.

It’s not unusual for parents to do most of the leg work when it comes to wrapping presents, but the Animal Gift Wrap ensures that your child has an active part to play when preparing the gift.

GiftLab ensures that its range of gifts remain inspired and original, which is why it works hard to offer a vast selection of gifts for all occasions.

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