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Regardless of whether we’re catching up with friends or enjoying a meal in a fine restaurant, a glass of wine is normally the perfect complement.

The great thing about wine is that there is something for everyone. Somme like to spend thousands of pounds on the latest vintage, whereas others may like to explore different wine from around the world.

There will be times when wine must be left to breathe, but exposure to too much oxygen could means that the wine loses it elegance and flavour.

For the most part, a cork will ensure that no oxygen is introduced to the wine, but it’s essential to have a safeguard if the wine is going to be consumed over the next few days.

The gift of wine stopper may seem a little boring when compared to the many other choices available, but we’re not talking about any everyday bottle stopper here.

Sure, the Bottle Bear bottle stopper will carry out its role without a hitch, but this isn’t the only benefits of the Bottle Bear bottle stopper.

The Bottle Bear wine stopper ensures that the silicone gasket is designed to provide a vacuumed seal to all wine bottles, ensuring that wine lovers can consume their favourite beverage without fear of it being spoiled.

The real charm of the Bottle Bear bottle stopper is the detailed and realistic representation of a bear that is given a luxurious gold finish.

The dimensions of the Bottle Bear are 9 x 4 x 5 cm and is manufactured using zinc alloy ad food grade silicone, making the Bottle Bear completely safe to use.

Why Give the Bottle Bear as a Present?

The great thing about the Gifts available at GiftLab is that they can suit some many occasions with ease.

The affordability of the Bottle Bear also ensures that it can be the ideal complement to a nice bottle of wine at a dinner part.

Similarly, those who have got married may use the Bottle Beat throughout the big day, meaning it acts a practical keepsake in the future.

It’s easy to assume that people must spend hundreds of pounds to find a gift that makes the right impression, but its simply about finding the right gift provider.

GiftLab understands just how complicated the gift-buying processes can be, which is why it has ensured that it has an inventory of gifts that are inspired and affordable.

If you’re looking for a gift with a difference, then why not browse the range available at GiftLab. As well as the Bottle Bear, there are several other gifts that are designed to be personal and practical in one sitting.

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