Button Up Cloth Holders

Button Up Cloth Holders


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How many times have you been contending with a series of different task and found yourself searching frantically searching for a tea towel or cloth?

It can be frustrating, but who has the time to be contending with DIY when there’s already so much to do.

If your searching for a gift for someone who always seems to have too much to do, then why not help lighten the load the Button Up cloth holders.

The Button Up cloth holders are magnetic cloth holders that come in red and blue and are a great alternative to the more complex offerings available.

As well as being a practical kitchen tool, they also bring a sense of character to the room, without clashing with the décor.

Fans of Sewing Will Love Button Up

Is there an ongoing joke about Grandma making her infamous Christmas jumper? Or maybe you’re looking for a gift for someone with artistic flair.

Regardless of the person you’re buying for, the button up is the perfect gift for those whose have a creative side and allows them to personify their talents around the home.

An Excellent Stocking Filler

Are you looking to create a Christmas stocking with a difference?

Then why not break convention and make a fun gift hamper out of all the fun and practical gifts available at GiftLab.

The Button Up is perfect for stockings, regardless of whether it’s bought on its own or in conjunction with other utensils on offer.

Perfect for Those with a Small Space

As well as looking great around the home, the Button Up cloth holders can be placed anyway thanks to their magnetic properties,

Measuring 5 x 5 x 2.5 x mm, the Button Up cloth holder is small enough to be placed anyway, but big enough to be noticed by those who visit.

The stich of the button allows you to store towels and cloths with ease, without having to be concerned by any problematic install.

If you’re looking for a fun and original gift, be it for the kitchen or any other part of the home, then why not check out the exclusive range of gift available at GiftLab today?

As well as ensuring that you’re able to find a gift for every occasion, GiftLab will ensure that fast delivery is part of the service with each order.


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