Calm Club Comfort Blanket


Regardless of whether it’s used in times of stress or its enjoyment as someone settles down with a movie, you can’t ignore the calming qualities of a comfort blanket. Similarly, the undertaking of knitting has also been shown to have a calming effect, and the Calm Club Comfort Blanket blends these two things together perfectly for the ultimate gift experience.

The Calm Club Comfort Blanket can off the same level of comfort to newcomers as it does more seasoned knitters and offer the ultimate relaxation tool upon its completion.

Features of the Clam Club Comfort Blanket

  • Made from Wool and Bamboo
  • Include Seen Balls of Yarn
  • Bamboo Knitting Needles
  • Includes Kitting Guide
  • All Package is 100% Recyclable

Allows for a Tailored Gift Idea

One of the many great things about the Calm Club Comfort Blanket is that it can be given be as an experience or as a completed product. Even though the Clam Club Comfort Blanket comes with a step-to-step guide, those who feel that people will enjoy the finished product more can create it themselves allowing for a full tailored a personal gift idea.

A Superb Present for Hobbyists

Although someone enjoying knitting on a full-time basis, there are others that may be keen to embrace the concept for the first time, and wha8t better way than learning to knit their own comfort blanket.

The easy-to-use guide ensures that those trying knitting for the first time have everything they need to get started and act as a great introduction to the relaxing nature of knitting.

The Calm Club Comfort Blanket is Perfective for Creatives

Those with a creative mind often find that there will be times when they need to invest their time into something, but they’re not sure what that is.

The use of the Calm Club Comfort Blanket offers a calming way of showing creativity, and the finished products ensure that the time invested is time well spent.

The Calm Club Comfort Blanket is just an example of some of the original gift idea available with a theme centred on relaxation.


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