Calm Club Foot Work


Those searching for gifts that help people unwind may seem easy on the surface, but depending on the avenues explored, many find that the options available can be a little lacklustre.

GiftLab understands how frustrating a lack of choice can be when it comes to gift ideas, which is why it ensures that there is always a large selection of gift to choose from within its inventory, including a series of gifts that aid those with a hectic lifestyle to unwind and relax with ease.

This includes the Calm Club Foot Work, a set that comes included with reflexology socks and a wooden reflexology tool that offers a truly beneficial way of winding down.

Features of the Calm Club Foot Work

  • Wooden Reflexology Tool
  • Reflexology Socks
  • Instructions Included
  • Made from 100% Recyclable Packaging

Dimensions of the Calm Club Foot Work

  • 5 x 7.4 cm

Allows Users to Relax in the Right Way

Rather than offer a product that offers in the little way of guidance, GitLab ensures that the those who receive the gift of the Calm Club Foot Work can start enjoying a calming experience as soon as it’s received

Users simply refer to the instructional booklet that comes included with the kit and use the socks as a reference to ensure that reflexology tool is being used in the right way.

Before long, those using the Calm Club Foot Work will find themselves in a state of relaxation that they never thought possible.

Perfect for People of All Ages

When searching for gifts, there can be some gifts that are restricted because they don’t meet the requirements in relation to age.

The Calm Club Foot Work is an easy-to-use product that is suitable for people of all ages. As such there’s nothing to worry about when using the Calm Club Foot Work, making relaxation even easier to achieve.

The Calm Club Foot Work is just an example of the innovative products available that are designed for those looking for relaxation-inspired gifts.


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