Calm Club Relaxation Rituals


When looking for a gift, many will be searching for something that helps someone close to them enjoying a more calming atmosphere. Although there are options available not everyone will find the options available suitable for what they have in mind.

GiftLab understands the importance of finding the perfect gift in every instance, which is why it constantly updates its inventory on a regular basis.

As such, it can offer an abundance of products that are tailored for those looking to make the most of the respite, include the Calm Club Relaxation Rituals kit.

As the name implies, the Calm Cub Relaxation Rituals kit is made up of different rituals that can be carried out at home to create a more calming and relaxing environment.

Features of the Calm Club Relaxation Rituals Kit:

  • Includes Soy Wax Candle, Bamboo Boarding Balls, Ceramic Dish and Fabric Case
  • Scented Bath Bomb
  • 12 x Sandalwood Scented Incense Cones
  • Meditation Card

The Perfect Gift for Parents

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a gift for Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day, the gift of the Calm Club Relaxation Rituals ensures that parents are reminded that they deserve to take time out and relax from time to time.

This calming kit will give parents all they need to completely immerse themselves in a state of relaxation they never thought possible.

What’s more, there’s no need to opt for a set experience, as the Clam Club Relaxations Rituals can ensure that parents are able to create their own level of relaxation with ease.

Perfect for Couples Looking to Spend More Time Together

Making time to see the one we love can be difficult in the modern age, and many people take every opportunity they can to spend time with a loved one and sharing the bliss of relaxation together can be one of the best ways of bonding.

The Calm Club Relaxation Rituals Kit gives couples everything they need to create their own unique experience that ensures couples can make the best of their time at little expense.

A Personal Mothers’ Day Gift

Although many can rely on their mothers in many ways, there will be times when they need some respite, and the Calm Club Relaxation Rituals allow our mums to create their own space and truly take some time out for themselves.



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