Calm Club Yoga Deck


Finding a gift that helps people unwind while still being original can be difficult sometimes, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t solutions available that not only help those with a pressured lifestyle relax but are also presented in a novel way.

This is made evident by the Calm Club Yoga Deck, which helps those short for time find a way of unwinding when the time is available.

The Calm Club Yoga Deck is a collection of 52 cards that each contains a different yoga pose. Users simply try a different pose each day and before they know it, they’ve completed a full year of yoga.

The cards ensure that even those who can only spend minutes a day when practising yoga can still see the progress made over the year.

A Source of Inspiration for Those Looking for an Improved Lifestyle

Finding time to practise yoga, and although some may be attending classes, finding time to practise the pose could be difficult. The great thing about yoga is its flexible approach.

The use of the Calm Club Yoga Deck ensures that there is no pressure to carry out a lengthy session of yoga but allows users to manage their time and carry out the yoga pose of the day at their own leisure.

A Great Introduction as to How Easy Yoga Can Be

Although there are times when people should enlist the services of a professional, the beginner poses highlight how easy the concept of yoga can be, and act as a foundation for those that that want to take the love of yoga to the next level.

The use of the Calm Club Yoga Deck showcases how easy it can be to fit yoga into the everyday lifestyle and can allow them to enjoy relaxation in in new and innovative ways.

The basic poses can help those looking to pursue yoga on a fulltime basis

The Perfect Stocking Filler

Although there are plenty of main present to concentrate on during the festive period doesn’t mean that the personal touch can’t be added when deciding on stocking filler.

There’s nothing more fun than arranging stocking based on someone’s interests, and those creating a stocking with a relaxing theme will find the Calm Club Yoga Deck the perfect addition.

The Calm Club Yoga Deck is just an example of some of the gifts available at GiftLab that promote relaxation in an original way.


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