Corkboard Map

Corkboard Map




Getting organised is something we all try to do, but it can be difficult at times to find a solution that works for the home or the office.

Although there is a slew of technology available, sometimes the simpler methods are the most effective.

Of course, a corkboard may not seem like an inspired gift at first, but this isn’t any normal corkboard.

Rather than bear the design of a conventional corkboard, the Corkboard Wall Map is designed to represent the world and can be easily applied to walls using the included adhesive.

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to keep up with doctor’s appointments, or simply looking to become more organised at work, then the corkboard all map is perfect for those who want something practical, as well as having something unique to display.

The dimensions of the Corkboard Wall Map are 100 x 45.5 x 0.5 cm and can be used in a series of different ways.

As well as allowing people to become more organised, the Corkboard Wall Map can also be used to store a series of different memories, such as photographs and ticket stubs.

As such, the Corkboard Wall Map can be used to follow bands in different countries, showcase your favourite photos with friends, or just used to display different items important to you.

Children Will Also Love the Corkboard Wall Map

Despite how useful the Corkboard Wall Map is for adults doesn’t mean it should only be them having fun.

Children will also love the corkboard wall map, as it can be used to store a series. Maybe you’re looking for a practical way of displaying trading cards? Or maybe your child wants to document their online gaming progress?

The Corkboard Wall Map is a fun and inspired take on the conventional corkboard design that not only allows children to run riot with their imagination but also ensures that they can learn more about the world in general.

Regardless of whether the Corkboard Map is used in the kitchen or showcasing photographs in the living room, the Corkboard Map can be the perfect gift idea for those looking for a gift that offers something different

The Corkboard Map is just one of many inspired products available at As well as several iterations of the Scratch Map series, can also offer a series of other products.

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