Opening Door Stop


Despite all the modern technology made available to us, many of us will still have problems when it comes to contending with doors.

Whether it’s around the home or around the office, we’re normally given two options when it comes to propping open doors, and that’s wide open or shut tight.

GiftLab understands this frustration only too well and is once again able to offer a gift that can make light work of such a sticky situation

The Opening Doorstopper is a solution that can be used to fine tune how open a door should be, without they’re must be an accident in the process.

As the Opening Doorstopper is designed with propping open doors in mind, it has less risk than using reams of paper or a prized ornament.

It also ensures that doors are kept in good condition, as are the surrounding walls.

Excellent for Those That Suffer the Heat

We’re all built in different ways, and well some will always feel the cold, others may find that they’re always hot.

The use of the Opening Doorstopper allows for fresh air to easily circulate around the home and can even be used on the conservatory when heat management can become a problem.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about people coming in and out and disrupting your perfect door alignment.

Ideal for the Office

Just like their use in the home, the use of the Opening Doorstopper in the office can be used to ensure that a hot day doesn’t disrupt workflow.

It can also be an ideal tool if you’re having to show new employees around the premises without having to worry about opening numerous doors.

Of course, the business will need to ensure that they’re nor propping open security doors and fire exits, but areas that have high foot traffic could benefit greatly from the Opening Doorstopper.

Perfect for Pets

A lot of doors can end up damaged or looking worn simply because animals scratch at them when trying to enter the room.

The use of the Opening Doorstopper ensures that cats and dogs aren’t having to scratch at doors to gains access, saving you a fortune indoor repairs in the process.

The Opening Doorstopper is just an example of how practical and novel gifts can be. As well as hosting a series of fun and inspired gifts, GiftLab also ensures that every order is delivered promptly.



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