Fruitful Orange Shopping Bag

Fruitful Orange Shopping Bag


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There’s nothing worse than getting to the till only to find that you’ve forgotten your shopping bags. Not only does this mean more cost, but it often means we’re struggling more with our shopping as a result

As well as reducing the cost to ourselves, the use of reusable shopping bag also ensures that we’re lowering the impact that plastic has on the environment, but what do we do if we forget the shopping bags?

Remembering to take shopping bags out with you won’t always be at the top of the agenda, and it’s easy to see why it happens so often.

Fortunately, GiftLab understands this problem only too well and is proud to introduce its fruity range of reusable shopping bags that ensures keen shoppers are never caught short again.

The Fruitful Orange Shopping bag is one of the selections available and gives those who love shopping and original and zesty take on the conventional shopping bag design.

The Fruitful Orange Shopping Bag is made from polyester and can hold up to 5kg of shopping. The dimensions of the Fruitful Orange Shopping bag are 39 x 41 cm. and when not in use can be folded into a single orange slice and attached to keys or put in your pocket.

Perfect for Bargain Hunters

Are you looking for a gift for bargain hunters? The Fruitful Orange Shopping Bag could be just the ticket.

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect bargain, only to find that we end up paying more to carry the item home.

Sure, the charge may not seem much initially, but the more and more it happens, the more people are going to pay in the long run. Not something that bodes well with people looking to save money.

Fortunately, the Fruitful Orange Shopping Bag is always prepared, regardless of what sale is going on.

Simply whip out the Fruitful Orange Shopping Bag and save money from the off and make the little bit of difference the environment needs in the process.

The Fruitful Orange Shopping Bags is just part of an exclusive fruity range that breathes new life into the generic shopping bag.

As well as being able to provide gifts with a fruity twist, GiftLab can offer gifts that are perfect for all occasions, be it a birthday gift or anniversary present. If you’re looking for an inspired gift that will be cherished, then why not browse the range available at GiftLab today.

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