Fruitful Strawberry Shopping Bag

Fruitful Strawberry Shopping Bag


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The gift of a shopping bag may not seem like an original or inspired idea in the first instance, but you’d be surprised at how many novel and original ideas there are when it comes to reusable shopping bags.

As well as incurring more cost for shoppers, the cost of shopping bags can also have an impact on the environment, so people will be keen to ensure that any damage is minimised.

However, this doesn’t mean that they should have to put up with the limited options available from supermarkets and on the high street.

Regardless of the type of gift you’re looking to buy, GiftLab ensures that there is always a fresh and innovative take available.

As such, the Fruitful Strawberry Shopping Bag is part of a fruity range that not only helps reduce the impact of plastic on the environment, but also ensures that shoppers are always prepared for when a bargain becomes available.

The Fruitful Strawberry Shopping Bag is made from water-resistant polyester and can hold up to 5kg of shopping with ease.

The dimensions of the Fruitful Strawberry Shopping Bag are 39 c x 41 cm, and when not in use, can be folded into a pocket-sized strawberry for easy storage.

The Fruitful Shopping Bags can be used solely, or as part of a collection for those with more robust shopping endeavours.

A Great Gift That Helps the Planet

There can be times when giving a gift doesn’t have the charm it should. Despite good intentions, there can be gifts that sit well because of how they were manufactured, or the impact it will have on the environment on the environment moving forward.

Of course, these instances are rare, but if you’re looking for a gift for someone that is passionate about safeguarding the environment, then the Fruitful Strawberry Shopping Bag could be the perfect gift.

The Fruitful Strawberry Shopping Bag is designed to ensure that it’s easily transportable, meaning that there’s never a requirement to rely on plastic bag alone.

As well as being an ideal gift for those looking to protect the planet, it can also be a superb present for those who always seem to have a mass of shopping bags littered around the home.

Although such intentions are good, the plastic around the home can come with its own risks, as well as potentially cluttering up the home.

Regardless of how many shopping bags you need the Fruitful Shopping Bag range can be easily folded into compact sizes that will fit easily into any drawer without posing a threat to anyone in the household.

The Fruitful Strawberry Bag is just part of an inspired range available at GiftLab, which can also offer an abundance of gifts that are perfect for all events and occasions.

If you’re looking for an inspired take on a practical gift, then why not browse the choice available at GiftLab today.

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