Gracula Garlic Crusher

Gracula Garlic Crusher


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As soon as you see Gracula, you will love the inspired and fun design on offer. Going against what we’ve been told, this tiny vampire is more than willing to become involved with garlic and makes light work of the tear-inducing peeling process.

Measuring 9.7 x 7.4 x 7.4 cm, Gracula is made from polypropylene and can content with all thing’s garlic-related, be it garlic bread or garlic butter.

What’s more, those who receive Gracula as a gift don’t have to worry that he will turn to dust.

A Fun Addition to Any Kitchen

Although many people are enjoying their kitchen, they may find that the utensils do little to inspire. Sure, they work just fine, but wouldn’t it be fun if all kitchen utensils had their own personality?

Thanks to Gracula, this is no longer an issue. Regardless of how stressed you are in the kitchen, the Gracula garlic peeler is perfect for raising a smile, as well as making life easier in the kitchen.

Ideal for Young Cooks

It’s not only the adults that get to enjoy the benefits Gracula can offer, and it’s also ideal for children that want to get involved with the cooking process.

The carton-inspired design ensures children have nothing to be afraid of, and the way it handles garlic means children don’t have to worry about strong odours when helping in the kitchen.

One of the Horror Fans

If there’s one thing Dracula is associated with, that’s the silver screen. Hundreds if not thousands of horror movies have been inspired by this iconic legend, which is why the Gracula garlic peeler is a must for all those that love horror.

Horror fans come in all forms. Some may prefer to read a book by Stephen King, whereas others may want to tune into the latest episode of “American Horror Story” or “The Walking Dead.”

Whatever their preference for horror is, any horror fan will simply love receiving Gracula as a present.

Not only does it showcase their love for all things scary, but it’s also a robust garlic peeler that will always have a use in any home.

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