Penneli Garlic Peeler

Penneli Garlic Peeler


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When preparing the perfect dish, we need to ensure that we have access to the right ingredients and tools.

Although some food is very affordable, it can be problematic to prepare if we don’t have the right utensils.

Not having access to the right utensils is not only frustrating, but it can mean cooking is turned into a messy affair.

Peeling garlic is essential for many of our favourite dishes, but this doesn’t mean it’s always the most pleasurable experience.

Although some enjoy every aspect of garlic, some may find the task of peeling garlic is a bit too much to hand using conventional methods.

Fortunately, practicality doesn’t have to come at a cost thanks to the simple but effective Penneli Garlic Peeler.

Many people can be dissuaded from cooking in the kitchen simply because of how pungent the mall of garlic can be, but the Penneli Garlic Peeler is just the ticket for those looking to make the chore of peeling garlic that little bit easier.

What’s more, you’re never having to answer the door with the potent smell of garlic lingering in the air.

The Penneli Garlic Peeler is made from silicone and measures 12.8 x 3.7 x 3.7 cm.

The garlic is simply placed into the oversized penee tube and rolled on a hard surface to peel the garlic with easer.

What’s more, lovers of pasta will simply fall in love with the inspired design of the Penneli Garlic Peeler.

Not only is there Penneli Garlic Peeler a brilliant tool for peeling garlic easily, it’s also robust enough to be used again and again.

Even washing the Penneli Garlic Peeler is a breeze thanks to its premium materials and design, so there’s plenty of reason to choose the Penneli Garlic Peeler above other options;

A Gift for All Cooks

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a gift for a qualified chef or those trying out cooking for the first time, the Penneli Garlic Peeler is perfect on its own or paired with the many other fun and innovative kitchen utensils available from GiftLab.

The Penneli Garlic peeler is safe to use meaning that even if children want to help in the kitchen, there’s no danger of injury.

The Penneli Garlic Peeler is just an example of some of the fun gifts available at GiftLab.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favourite foodie, or just looking for something fun and unique that will raise a smile, then why not browse the amazing range if gifts available at GiftLab today.

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