Tulip Syrup Honey Spoon


The taste of honey is something that is enjoyed at many breakfast tables, but the serving of honey can become a little messy.

Whether we’re pouring honey on our cereal or using it as part of a beverage, the pouring of honey can become a sticky mess.

Fortunately, GiftLab understands the struggle that many fans of honey off, which is why it’s proud to introduce the Tulip, a wooden honey dripper that’s a treat to the eyes as well as practical around the home.

The Tulip is based on the classic flower design is manufactured using premium wood and plastic. The dimensions of the Tulip are 3,1 x 3,1 x 15.1 cm, and the is even a plastic slot so the Tulip can easily be hung from the edge of a jar or glass.

Brilliant for Fans of Baking

Honey is popular as it can be used in many ways, and baking is no exception. However, the pouring of honey can be problematic, but the Tulip is once again able to enter the breach with a solution.

There’s enough to contend with when backing, so out of control honey shouldn’t be added to your to-do list.

A Terrific Gift for Tea Lovers

A cup of tea is the perfect start to any day, but for some, the process could be complicated.

Some of us may use the conventional tea bag and milk, but the concept of tea drinking has evolved tenfold.

More and more people are keen to try healthy and quirky iterations of everyone’s favourite beverage, and the addition of honey is just one of the many ways people are enjoying tea nowadays.

However, once honey is being poured it can be difficult to control, and too much can turn a cup of tea into a cup of sickly sweetness.

The Tulip can be easily manoeuvred to ensure that only a small trickle of honey is used. Once finished simply perch on the honey jar using the plastic slot available.

Ideal for Hectic Mornings

The household in the morning can be hectic and using honey in the right way is normally lost in the mass of hysteria.

Fortunately, the Tulip is the perfect tool for breakfast time, and allows everyone to control their honey intake without the stress that other methods can introduce,

The Tulip is just an example of how simple yet practical a gift can be. Regardless of whether you’re looking for innovative kitchen utensils or looking for a birthday present that matches someone’s personality perfectly, then why not browse the abundance of gifts available at GiftLab today.

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