June Spoon


There’s nothing more annoying than having to search around for missing cutlery. This can be even more frustrating if we’re looking to sever something that relies on everyday cutlery such as a spoon.

GiftLab understands the struggle only too well, which is why it offers the June Spoon, the perfect solution for all your kitchen endeavours.

The June Spoon is a perfect solution for those always searching for spoons and can even aid those that find that the wrong spoons are contumely used.

The June Spoon is made from premium silicone and can be stretched around almost anything to ensure that the search for a spoon is a very short time.

The dimensions of the June Spoon are 8.3 x 10.9 x 5.8 cm and can fit a diameter between 8-11 cm.

Perfect for Cereal

Although some cereal can be poured, others may be looking for ways to maintain their portions.

The June Spoon is perfect for jars and containers containing cereal as it will ensure that there is always an alternative serving solution to hand.

Ideal for Coffee Jars

Although some of us may enjoy the simple things in life, such as instant coffee, others may like to try exotic brands from around the world.

As such, there can be dedicated serving spoons for each blend, and the June Spoon can be the perfect complement to ensure spoons are always to hand without being an inconvenience around the kitchen.

Just as Terrific for Tea Lovers

Given the opportunities the June Spoon offers to coffee lovers, it should come as no surprise that this convenient spoon holder is just as useful for lovers of different blends of tea.

Different blends of tea can be more potent than others, so it’s important to ensure that the right amount is used.

The June Spoon is the perfect way of ensuring that tea lovers are never having to search around for spoons to create their favourite blend.

Looking for a tea infuser as well? Fear not, as GiftLab also has plenty of inspired tea infused to choose from the complement the June Spoon perfectly.

The June Spoon is one of many original gifts available at GiftLab. Whether you’re looking for speakers, maps, journals or kitchen utensils, GiftLab can offer a wide choice in every instance.

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