Vintage Luggage Label Stickers

Vintage Luggage Label Stickers


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Travelling is a great way of shaking the shackles of work, but this isn’t to say that travelling doesn’t come without its own problems.

Although GiftLab can’t help with long road trips or tired children, it can help with the aesthetics of your luggage.

Not only do the stylish Luggage Label Stickers look great, but they’re also an ideal solution for those who always seem to be standing for several hours while waiting for their luggage.

The set includes 16 fun and retro-inspired designs as well as luggage tag which also pays tribute to days gone by.

Made from a self-adhesive vinyl, the stickers can be used to decorate any suitcase within seconds.

As well as being the ideal gift for those who love to travel, it’s also a brilliant gift for those that enjoy gifts that are inspired by elements of the past.

Don’t worry if they need to be removed, as the Luggage Label Stickers have been designed to leave no residue, meaning that you don’t have to worry about a sticky mess on your luggage after use.

Luggage Label Stickers are also Great for Children

Why should grown-ups have all the fun? Although the grown-ups will get a lot of enjoyment from Luggage Label Stickers, there is just as much fun available for children as well.

The use of the Luggage Label Stickers can give children a real sense of pride and helps them become more immersed in travel plans.

Although designed for suitcases, the sticker can essentially be placed anywhere, so they’re also perfect for laptops and tablets.

The Ideal Gift Foe Nostalgia Fans

As well as looking great on luggage, the Luggage Label Stickers are also great for those who love anything to do with old retro-inspired design.

Regardless of whether they’re use on the laptop or a suitcase, the Luggage Label Stickers are an ideal gift foe retro enthusiasts.

Create Unique Centrepieces Around the Home

Although suitcases are generally used for travel, the more old-fashioned style of a suitcase has started to appear as décor around the home.

This illusion can be amplified with the use of Luggage Label Stickers, allowing homeowners to inject an ambience of the past into their home for very little investment.

The fun and inspired Luggage Label Stickers is just an example of some of the fun and innovative gifts available at GiftLab.

As well as being able to offer fun and novel gifts such as Luggage Label Stickers, it’s also able to offer a series of other gifts that are perfect for any event or occasion.


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