Make it Happen Notebook

Make it Happen Notebook




We all need a little inspiration in life. Some of us have life goals of landing the perfect role whereas others will want to find fame and fortune

Regardless of your life goals, it’s easy to become deterred sometimes, and it’s the little things in life that can make all the difference.

Therefore, the Make it Happen notebook and multi-pen set can be the perfect gift for those who want to turn their goals into reality.

The Make it Happen is another introduction from the Iron & Glory range. Sporting a sleek but professional aesthetic, the Make it Happen notebook has a striking black finish with luxurious gold lines placed on top.

The cover is made from PU leather, and the pen is constructed from metal. Each of the 128 pages is made from ivory paper, and there are even detachable screwdriver heads.

The dimension of the notebook is 6.7 x 8.5 x 1.4 inches making it ideal for all types of people, regardless of whether they’re an entrepreneur or poet.

A Memorable Design

One of the problems with giving gifts is that they can be forgotten easily. This doesn’t mean the person receiving the gift is unappreciative, it purely means that the gift didn’t have the memorable qualities needed to make a gift a memorable one.

GiftLab understands that when exploring some avenues for gifts, it can be limiting or expensive.

GiftLab lightens the burden of having to pay a premium for gifts thanks to its inspired but practical range.

As well as being affordable, the Make it Happen notebook and pen set offers something different from what’s available on the high street.

It also ensures that there are other gifts within its inventory that can be used to complement the gift.

For example, the Iron & Glory range is renowned for its industrial take on everyday items, each offering a premium but a unique product that will always make the right impression.

Despite all the technology we’re introduced to, the sensation of putting pen to paper never changes and is still something that the masses want to adopt.

The Make it Happen notebook is the perfect way to keep notes to hand, scrawling movie ideas and keeping a journal.

In fact, there are so many uses for the Make it Happen notebook, that some may use the notebook for several tasks at any one time.

The Make It Happen Notebook is just an example of some of the innovative and premium gifts that are designed to make the right impression every time.

If you’re looking for similar gifts, or just want some inspiration on some gift ideas in the future, then why not visit the GiftLab site and browse the vast selection of gifts available.

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