Marshmallow Pencil Eraser

Marshmallow Pencil Eraser


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There are many reasons as to why people enjoy camping. For some, it’s enjoying the great outdoors, while others may prefer scary stories around the campfire.

However, it goes without saying that one of the most popular aspects of camping is roasting marshmallows on the campfire.

When it comes to luxury and bliss, nothing comes close. Unfortunately, this is something that has been restricted to camping, at least until now.

Although GiftLab is unable to create the complete camping experience, the Marshmallow Pencil and Eraser is a good starting point.

If you like nothing more than roasting marshmallows on an open fire, or just like the squishy confectionary in general, then you will adore the Marshmallow and Pencil Eraser.

As the name would suggest, this simple but innovative pencils takes its inspiration from a marshmallow placed on a stick.

The stick forms the pencil, while the partnering marshmallow is a squidgy eraser.

The dimensions of the pencil are 13 x 23 x 3 cm and are made from rubber, wood and graphite.

If you’re looking for a gift for a keen traveller or someone that just enjoys the great outdoors, then the Marshmallow Pencil and Eraser could be what you’re looking for.

A Unique Gift in Many Ways

For some, the Marshmallow and Pencil Eraser is a great way of getting notes, diaries and stories finished. For others, it just looks great on display.

Regardless of who you purchase the Marshmallow and Pencil Eraser for, you can be confident it will be used, even when not in use. Not something a generic pencil can achieve.

Just as Fun for Children

Why should adults have all the fun? Sure, the Marshmallow Pencil and Eraser is a superb gift for adults, but it’s just as suitable for children, especially those who like a fun spin on their stationery.

The Marshmallows Pencil and Eraser is the perfect addition to any pencil case and could even be enough to lure children away from electric devices.

Looking for more inspired stationery? Fear not, as the Marshmallow Pencil and Eraser is just part of a greater range in relation to stationery.

As well as vase selection of stationery, GiftLab can also offer an abundance of gifts and greetings cards that are perfect for any event or occasion.

As well as ensuring that customers are met with quality and affordable products, GiftLab also ensures it’s delivery processes are the best they can be

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