Set In Stone – Notebook and Pen

Set In Stone – Notebook and Pen




When it comes to finding the perfect gift, people will be looking for something that is novel and fun.

Although this is understandable, some may find that the fun and novel gifts they buy are often just that.

GiftLab understands that when purchasing the perfect gift, there must be an element of balance.

Being fun and quirky doesn’t always mean being zany, as shown by the Set in Stone Notebook and Pen.

Sure, buying a notebook and pen may not seem like an inspired choice initially, but we’re not talking about any normal notebook and pen set.

The notepad itself offers a bold and premium marble finish, as does the detachable ball point pen that comes included.

The soft-feel hardbound cover is complemented by an elasticated placeholder ribbon that ensures you’re never searching for important notes.

The dimensions of the notebook are 20.5 x 15 x 1.7 cm.

Great for Aspiring Writers

Are you looking for a gift for a friend or family member who wants to publish their own book? That what better gift that the Set in Stone Notebook and Pen.

As well as being mobile, the Set in Stone Notebook and Pen is too luxurious not to use. This means that their next bestseller could be written in months instead of years.

Ideal for Students

Depending on the subjects being studied, it’s normally advisable to take notes. Not only does this allow the information to be recorded, but it also ensures that the information is being absorbed subconsciously.

The Set in Stone Notebook and Pen is perfect for any aspiring student, plus it can also be used to store other information.

Perfect for Doodles and Taking Notes

Do you find that you get most of your work done in the coffee shop? Or maybe you’re more productive on the phone when doodling?

We all have our own special way of working, and the Set in Stone Notebook and Pen means that whatever method you use to get through the working day, there is a solution close to hand.

The Set in Stone Notebook and Pen is just one of many inspired and innovative gifts available via GiftLab.

As well as an abundance of stationery options, there are many other gifts that are perfect for every personality type and occasion.

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