Party Straws

Party Straws




Straws are nothing new when it comes to partying. If anything, there can be an integral part of any celebration.

However, it’s fair to say that some straws lack the inspiration that some of us are looking for when letting the good times roll.

GiftLab understands that there’s never any harm in injecting some originality into the proceedings, which is why it’s proud to introduce its own iteration of the famous party straw concept.

Regardless of whether you’re serving glasses of lemonade or trying out your latest cocktail, the use of Party Straws can be a fun and original way of enjoying your favourite beverage.

As week as having 24 straws to use, there are also 48 pop-out expressions that are of varying sizes.

As well as being a fun addition to any party, the use of the Party Straws can also help identify who drink is whose, so you’re never in danger of consuming you’d rather you hadn’t.

Perfect for Children’s Parties

Despite the Party Straws having a fun-loving nature, they’re not offensive. As such, they can be used by adults and children.

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage drinks while still having an element of fun, then why not add Party Straws to your party inventory.

Regardless of whether their a little monster or a blue-lipped comedian, there’s plenty to keep children entertained as you try and employ some order.

A Great Idea for a New Years Party

There was a time when going out was the preferred method of seeing in the New Year, but nowadays more and more people are finding that they can enjoy the New Year celebrations from the comfort of their own home for very little investment.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a themed celebration, or you’re simply looking for a something novel for a quiet games night, Party Straws are the perfect way to see in the New Year.

Can Be Mixed and Matched with Other GiftLab Ideas

Obviously, those looking to put together the perfect celebration will need more than just straws.

Fortunately, Party Straws are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to celebrations and gift ideas.

GiftLab can also offer other party item ideas, such as Party Cups and Book of Masks that can all contribute towards the perfect party.

If you’re looking for a perfect anniversary present or searching for a great birthday gift, GiftLab has you covered in every instance.


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