City Notes Post It Notes

City Notes Post It Notes




The art of passing a simple note seems to have been lost in the present day.

Although modern technology promotes itself as the main platform for communication, there are just instances where a good old-fashioned sticky note is all that is needed.

However, those who receive a mass of sticky notes may overlook yours, so it’s always some of a minefield.

Of course, GiftLab understands the struggle only too well and has ensured that even sticky notes are given a fun makeover while still being practical.

The City Notes is a sticky note pad with a difference, in that it has an outline of one of the following three cities.

  • London
  • Paris
  • New York

The dimensions of each sticky note pad are 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.8 cm and contain 75 pages each.

Perfect for Pencil Cases

Children love the concept of sticky notes, regardless of how much they use Instagram and Snapchat.

These fun and inspired sticky notes ensure that children can male notes and mark books easily while being able to enjoy the novel design of the notes.

A Superb Gift for Professionals

Are you looking for a gift for professional but conventional stationery just isn’t cutting it? Then why not give something fun and original in the form of City Notes.

Who knows, it could even inspire them to take their talents to another city and find more success in the future.

Ideal for the Workplace

In some instances, a business will be keen to promote its roots.

As such, these original and inspired sticky notes are perfect for businesses that are keen to promote their geographical beginnings

Regardless of whether you’re based in New York, London or Paris, the use of the City Notes is the ideal way of ensuring the companies beginnings are always remembered.

Give with Other GiftLab Stationery Items

The great thing about GiftLab is that it offers several forms of stationery that can be paired to gather for the ultimate gift experience.

As well as the amazing City Notes, there is also desk tidies and other stationery items that also emulate some of the famous cities around the world.

As well as being able to offer a selection of different stationery items, GiftLab can also offer several other gifts that perfect for any event or occasions.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a gift, then why not browse the exclusive range of gifts available at GiftLab today.

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London, New York, Paris

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