Space Masher Potato Masher

Space Masher Potato Masher


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When it comes to comfort food, mashed potatoes are one of the most popular food types.

However, the mashing of potatoes can be monotonous and tiring, and conventional potato mashers can do little to inspire us.

The Space Masher is the perfect utensil for those looking for some flare and ignition in the kitchen, thanks to the rocket-shaped design.

The Space Masher is made from polypropylene and measures 25.6 x 11 cm.

A Superb Gift for Science Fiction Fans

Those that love science fictions can showcase their love of movies and television in different ways.

Although the living room and the bedroom can be easy to contend with, science fiction doesn’t always carry on into the kitchen, at least until now.

The Space Masher is perfect for lovers of everything sci-fi related, be it aliens or time-travelling cyborgs.

Great for Children in the Kitchen

In some instances, parents may be keen to get children helping in the kitchen, whereas others may be fearful that the utensils aren’t safe to use.

As well as having a space rocket design that children will love, the fact that the Space Masher is made from polypropylene means that there is less likelihood of any injuries occurring.

The Perfect Gift for a First Home

Are you searching for a gift that is fun and practical? Then why not consider giving the Space Masher as a gift.

As well as being a practical item that will get lots of use, its quirky design is a reminder of how thoughtful their friends and family are.

Easy for Anyone to Use

One of the main struggles with some kitchen utensils is that some can be harder to use than others.

Stern handles may be fine for experienced chefs, but some will start to feel the strain that the use of some utensils can bring.

The Space Masher not only offers a fun and inspired take on the classic masher design but is designed to be used by all type of people, regardless of their age.

Searching for the perfect gift can be difficult at times, especially if you’re hoping to buy kitchen utensils.

GiftLab understands that the concept of a gift isn’t about how much you spend, but rather the connection the gift has to a person.

Therefore GiftLab ensures that all of its gifts have an original touch that makes them the perfect gift for any occasion.

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