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If you’re a fan of fun and quirky gifts, then you may have already heard of the popular Scratch Map series.

There are several maps that offer features for all sorts of interests, hobbies and personalities.

However, there will be times when people are looking to up the ante when it comes to buying a gift, and are looking for something in a similar vein, albeit with some originality.

Don’t worry, there Scratch Globe has lost any of the appeal or charm, this is the 3D iteration of the iconic Scratch Map series that is a great gift for everyone.

As well as being able to reveal accurate and detailed information about the world and allows those with a love of craft to create their own 3D Scratch Globe within minutes.

Don’t worry if you’ve not got that artistic touch, as the construction of the Scratch Globe can be done without glue or scissors.

The Scratch Globe is made from laminate, paper and foil and measures 20 x 20 x 20 cm.

If you’re looking for a gift that is perfect for lovers of travelling, then the Scratch Globe is the perfect solution.

However, there are many other scenarios where the Scratch Globe is the ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

A Great Present for Backpackers

The Scratch Globe is a great gift for those who are going backpacking before starting their career.

The Scratch Globe offers the same functionality as a Scratch Map, so it’s easy to record travels along the way.

When the travelling is over, the Scratch Globe can then be transformed into its 3D guise offering a tangible representation of travels around the world.

The Globe itself has removable segments that can be updated and pieced back together to showcase a backpacker’s travels in a fun and novel way.

Looks Great on the Desk

Conventional globes are well and good, but when giving them as a gift it always helps to ensure that the thought being given is thought-provoking.

It’s safe to assume that some workspaces can lack some inspiration. A Scratch Globe can also be a tangible representation of the countries the person wants to visit, making the long hours and daily grind worthwhile.

A Perfect Addition to Any Child’s Bedroom

Although a standard globe may offer some entertainment for a short time, only the Scratch Globe can offer a truly personalised and immersive experience that still looks great afterwards.

Regardless of whether children are learning about countries they’ve already visited or are trying to find out more about the countries they’re due to visit, there’s always hours of fun to be had.

As well as the fun elements of the Scratch Globe, children will also be unveiling many facts about the surrounding world.

The Scratch Globe is just one of the many gifts available at GiftLab.

As well as being able to offer several gifts within the Scratch Map range, GiftLab can also offer a variety of other fun and quirky gifts that suit a manner of celebrations and quirkiness.

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