Scratch Map Gourmet Edition

Scratch Map Gourmet Edition




People love to travel. People love food. There are many instances where people love both, so why not give the gift of the Gourmet Scratch Map.

The black and white aesthetics of the Gourmet Scratch Map echo that of menus in high-end restaurants, clever use of typography helps display countries in a fun and immersive.

As users scratch away the foil panels, they are met with a flourish of colour that encourages them to expand their taste buds further.

Trying food abroad can become a hobby itself, and the Gourmet Scratch Map is the ideal way of expanding your taste palette further.

Perfect for the Kitchen

Just because you’re unable to visit everywhere to try the food doesn’t mean you have to do without.

The Gourmet Scratch Map is the ideal gift for those who love to cook and can even offer some inspiration in relation to new and exciting dishes.

What’s more, the Gourmet Scratch Map looks great in the kitchen, giving it the look of a professional restaurant.

As you try different ingredients, the Gourmet Scratch Map can be used for further inspiration as to what dishes and ingredients can be used from other parts of the world.

As well as helping spark creativity in your cooking endeavours, it could even lead you to travel abroad and try the different dishes first-hand.

The Perfect Gift for Aspiring Chefs

As well as those who love preparing food at home, there are those who take their love of food to the next level and look to create tasty and inspired dishes.

The best chefs will usually take the best elements from around the world and mix them with their own inspiration to create dishes and become a professional in their field.

Regardless of whether chefs are just starting their career or have been a chef for several years, the Gourmet Scratch Map can be the perfect gift that is both practical and offers inspiration as to what type of ingredients can be used in the future

Great for Eateries and Restaurants

The design of the Gourmet Scratch Maps ensures that it emulates a style that will sit well with foodies.

As such, the Gourmet Scratch Map can be great for eateries and restaurants.

As well as looking great on a wall, a restaurant can also scratch off different panels to showcase what cuisine the restaurant specialises in.

The Gourmet Scratch map is just an example of some of the great gifts available at GiftLab. As well as stocking several version of the popular Scratch Map series, it also offers a series of other gifts that are perfect for any occasion or celebration.


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