Scratch Map Rainbow Edition

Scratch Map Rainbow Edition




The iconic Scratch Map range has been around for many years, and its popularity has meant that a series of other Scratch Maps were created to meet different roles and personalities.

Some may prefer the dark tones on offer, whereas others will be looking for something that offers a burst of colour when learning about the world.

It’s safe to say that there is a Scratch Map for every occasion, and the inspired Scratch Map Rainbow editions showcase this perfectly.

The colours of the rainbow are set under a green foil that never fails to be impressive, especially given the reflection changes depending on where the map is placed.

The measurements of the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition are 59.4cm x 82.5cm

As well as being easy to transport, the map can then be displayed for all to see.

A Great Gift for Children

Not only will the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition look great on any bedroom wall, but the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition can also help children learn more around the world around them.

Each capital city is listed, and there are closeups of the Caribbean and Europe.

Don’t worry, children won’t find learning about the world laborious, as the fund is at every turn with the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition.

Celebrate an Anniversary in Style

Regardless of whether a couple visits the same country each anniversary or want to broaden their horizons by visiting somewhere different each year, the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition can be the ideal gift for keeping memories.

The happy couple can simply update the map each year, and look back on the adventures they’ve been on so far.

Let Loved Ones Create a Bucket List with Style

There’s nothing more exciting than building a bucket list, and there are many ways of doing this.

Lists are all well and good, but they can be put to the back of our mind when can mean losing momentum when trying to create a bucket list.

The Scratch Map Rainbow Edition into only looks great, but it can be bold enough to ensure that loved ones meet their goals, whether it be backpacking, or exploring completely new technology.

Those looking for something unique and exciting will find that the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition ticks all the boxes, regardless of who you’re buying the gift for.

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As well as offering the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition, GiftLab also offers many other iterations, as well as many other unique and original gifts.


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