Scratch Map X Edition

Scratch Map X Edition




The very first Scratch Map was introduced back in 2009, and its popularity has soared ever since.

After many iterations of the iconic Scratch Map, you can celebrate the 10-year anniversary with the Scratch Map X.

This classic design bears all the same hallmarks as the original iteration of the map, but with a premium finish that’s difficult not to be impressed by.

The Scratch Map X measures 82.5cm x 59.4xcm and is made using high-grade premium materials including paper, gloss laminate, latex and foil.

The finish of the map is black and sheen, and the gold foil overlays are easily removable to allow a burst of colour emerge on the Scratch Map X.

If you’re looking to get the best from your Scratch Map X, the GiftLab recommends Hang!.

The Hang! solution is not only ideal for scratch maps but also ideal for those old posters you may want to display.

Scratch Map X Is the Perfect Gift for the Masses

The great thing about Scratch Map X is that it can make the perfect gift for almost anyone.

Not many people may get excited by the thought of a normal map, but the Scratch Map X is no ordinary map.

If you’re looking to find the perfect gift for the budding adventurer, a Scratch Map X can be just the ticket, but it’s not only Indiana Jones types that enjoy the benefits of a scratch map.

Some may be looking to liven up their office space, but don’t have the budget or the patience to purchase a series of art.

The use of the Scratch Map X is not only a fully functioning map, but its sleek design means it never looks out of place in the office, and still offers enough originality to stand out among the other versions of the Scratch Map

The Perfect Present for Students

Are you looking for a gift that will allow students to continue learning about the world, while still having something to record their backpacking journeys? Then the Scratch Map X could be the ideal solution.

When backpacking it stands to reason that those travelling will want something to reflect on in the future.

Videos and photographs help do this, but something original and dedicated to the journey can help cement the memories.

The Scratch Map X allows travellers to scratch off their places they’ve visited while ensuring that their geography never falters.

The Scratch Map X is a perfect example of how original and unique a gift can be, and GiftLab has plenty more to offer.

As well as a vast selection of Scratch Maps, GiftLab can also offer several other ideas for those searching for the perfect gift, regardless of the occasion.

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